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Basking in Laughter

The last week of school is almost over, and it seems as if some of my friends are just recovering from a week packed with finals. Fortunately for me, I have not many things to worry about. For I am here to boldly declare (and to poke some fun at my friends) that I have no tests this week! And for the past week or so, things have been quickly winding down. Aside from Thanksgiving, we just held our last orchestra concert for the semester, which means no more rehearsals (more on this later). We finished our prosthetic arms in BME 102L class last week and just returned our beloved Lego kits in today. And I no longer have to attend Organic Chemistry class because I have a high enough grade to waive my final. Yes, many of my friends are drooling at the pleasure of strangling me right now.

But at times, I wish this semester had been a lot more difficult. I mean I find myself during many instances throughout the semester with not even half the workload I had in high school. The lackadaisical nature of this first semester has kept me fairly bored, especially since I don’t recall staying up late to do anything productive. My overall apathy has sucked me into a pitfall of sorts. I have strayed far from my energy, my zen, which had driven me to succeed in school. Not to say that I have grown apathetic to my studies; rather, I feel as if I have not doing my best to keep up my productivity (which I believe is my strongest contribution to society as a student).

However, will next semester make me eat my own words? Of course not. It will eat me instead. Others will be making a mockery out of me this time around. After all, I am taking EE 319K, a programming class in which, my older peers tell me, will consume at least 20 hours every week. Not to mention Biochemistry and Multivariable Calculus. Please, let me enjoy my Christmas Break before I have to subject myself to sleepless nights and torturous exams!

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Turkey Turkey What What?

Thanksgiving break was full of much needed relaxation and sanity, and wonderful hugs and smiles from my family. As wonderful as it is to be with my family on thanksgiving day, it sometimes can be very stressful. You see, I have three homes to visit on one day, oh the perils of having a “modern family”.

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