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The List of things I’m grateful for goes on, and on…

Photo Credit: Polly

Photo Credit: Polly

UT kicked butt this year beating A&M. I couldn’t help but smile. There is really something about being apart of the Longhorn community that gets to me. This semester I finally went to a UT game (not this one but the one vs. Texas Tech)!

Burnt Orange…gotta love it.

Tuesday before leaving was a crazy morning with my fellow UT Service Scholar Roger taping flyers around campus. We walked around campus taping flyers on walls, in hallways, and on bulletin boards. I’m so blessed to have found such a great org that is becoming like another family.

Lesson#_: Speaking positively usually works.

When I got home for on Tuesday after belting out pop songs for a 3 hour drive home with Jorge, and my friend Jarie, I was greeted by hugs. My family was so happy to see me, and I was super delighted to see them. I told my dad about the really cool blessing I received that day.

Blessing:Two weeks ago I took a my Black Power Movement Exam that I didn’t really study too hard for. Yes, sometimes not studying enough happens. Don’t fret. I knew that I didn’t get the best grade, but anytime a friend would ask me how my semester was going I’d tell them “It’s hard, but this semester will be the best grades I’ve ever made in my college career.” I rattled off that sentence so many times I believed it. So, Tuesday I get my exam paper back expecting the worst, but when I looked at it. I got a B! My Dad beamed. He’s a big believer in positivity, and God, a trait that is passed on to me.

Even when it seems tough, always be positive.


For my family, thanksgiving means turkey, potato salad, dressing, dirty rice, ham, greens, and all-day-punch. For those of you who don’t know what that is: All day punch is tea, punch, and lemons mixed together making tasty goodness. Best part: you can drink all day. It also means movie nights with the family, and me catching up on my favorite telenovela Mi Corazon Insiste.

My brothers Nathan and Jonathan had grown so much from the last time I was home (July), and they had cell phones. It seems like just yesterday they were babies, and now my brother Nathan is a teenager (and way taller than me!), and Jonathan, pre-teen. I diffidently see the growth. They work like little grown ups, handling school work, and social lives. And I guess I’m just anxious to see then grow up into intelligent, creative, and successful young men.

enjoyed Thanksgiving. Even though I spent part of my break doing my paper due the following Monday, and studying, I still managed to have some fun. My mom, dad, and uncle made me laugh by telling me stories of their childhood. I felt real cool being at the grown-up table with them. It did make me think that I am growing up, and as much as I want to keep the child alive I must accept the fact that one day I’ll be an adult.It was nice having talks with my mom. Even though we talk on the phone everyday I enjoy the face to face. Joking with my dad is more fun in person as well. He is the funniest person in the world. I also got a chance to see my grandma. I call her frequently, but seeing her was long-over due and she always brightens my day. All this family time made me not want to come back to “wonderful” week ahead. I didn’t realize how much I missed my family.

Jelisa and friends

Paulina (Right), me (Middle), and Juana (who graduated last Dec.). I miss Juana as well! And I'm so proud of her.

Lesson #_: I see life pass by so quick. I wonder, Where did the year go?! So no matter how much you grow, and change during the course of your college years…never forget the people who were there for you and those people are family. Cherish them, enjoy them, and embrace them.

Looking forward to…or not… :)

-I’m not looking forward to saying “bye” to my family.

- Final Exams for Spanish, Black Power Movement, and a project presentation for Theatre History. All in one week? Oh, yeah bring it on.

-My friend Ashley graduating. Ashley is awesome, and she inspired me to go abroad after she spent a semester in Peru.

-My friend Lisa’s Women’s Chorus concert, and I finally get to meet my fellow Longhorn bloggers.

-Last lunches, dinners, and hang outs with buds before spending time with my family for the break.

-Responses from the UT Lab Theatre regarding my application.

-all A’s and B’s on my grade report.

-Not having to wake up early!

-My friend Paulina coming back from her study aboard in Ireland. You all haven’t met Paulina, but she is one of the most magnificent people ever. Her passion for her goals stands as an example for me. I can’t wait to see her next semester.

Well, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this week with my family before I go back to UT. I just have to keep my positive outlook on life, and continue to be grateful for the family, friends, and opportunities available to me.

Last Note: I can’t begin to tell you all how grateful I am to be a longhorn blogger, because I’ve been following bloggers since my junior year in high school. I challenge you to think about what you have to be grateful for? I hope you all have had wonderful holidays full of great food, family, and ALL DAY PUNCH. Speaking of all day punch…I’m going to get some right now.


All day punch made by yours truly!

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