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How to be ‘Unstoppable’

“I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams.”

Being the first in my immediate family to attend a four-year university, I knew that I had to perform well. I graduated number three in my high school, was blessed with scholarship offerings, and I had my whole future ahead of me.  Everyone was rooting for me.  My parents, my friends and my relatives.  When I came to UT I didn’t do so well my first semester, because I had a horrible time adjusting to the academics and the environment. I started to doubt my intelligence.  Was I able to handle college courses?  Or were the people who invested so much into my future telling a lie?

The truth was that UT academics can be challenging, but I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.

Last summer, that all changed.  I pushed harder than I ever did while working a job. I obtained the highest grades ever.  This semester was nothing short of FABULOUS…I got the highest fall semester gpa I’ve had since starting college AND the second highest semester grade point average!

How did I do it?

God, my family and friends supported me.   I also had to make some sacrifices.  Sometimes that meant I couldn’t go out on a friday night with friends.  Sometimes that meant waking up early to study. Sometimes it meant not taking on an extracurricular project when I already had enough on my plate.  I had to have faith in myself and my ability to succeed.  The weird thing is: this semester I had more fun than I’ve had in all my semesters here.  I enjoyed more laughs with the friends that make UT amazing. I guess you can have a balance.

I learned to:

-Reach out and ask for help. I know you’ve heard it before, but take this one.  Never be too proud to ask for help.

-Set goals and priorities.

-Believe in myself. It may sound like the easiest one on this list, but maintaining a positive outlook on your progress can be hard.  Surround yourself with loving people, and follow your passions.  That makes it a lot easier.

Most Important Lesson#__: Never ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.

Kat Williams called it being in touch with “your star player.” Rascal Flats called it being “unstoppable”. Luis Fonsi said “No Me Doy Por Vencido.” Me…I call it perseverance.  You have to believe in YOUR dreams, and no matter what…Don’t give up.  Be grateful for the people in your life, and the blessings.

I can say that I am fully living the college life.  In midst of everything, school comes first and that is what is important. This entry is the closest to my heart.  I am so blessed to be involved in UT life, and to everyone who has helped me so far…THANK YOU.

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December 15, 2011 | | By Jelisa | 3 Comments

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