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(Hell)o Week! Heavenly Ending.

Nothing sets off the end of the semester like exams, events, probates, and banquets.  But this ending was different than all the other endings, I’ve experienced.  This ending I felt fulfilled, as if I had worked hard, played hard, and learned about who Jelisa was and what she wants to do.


A random sighting of birds migrating on the drag.

-Wednesday: I met a few of my fellow UT Bloggers, Khang, and Vikki.  Needless to say, they are wonderful people whose drive and dedication to their passions left me in AWE. Khang is a bio-chem major, and Vikki is an architecture major who is doing a volunteer project in Honduras. Check out their adventures at UT.

-Thursday: I said goodbye to ABSOLUTE best class I’ve taken at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Moore’s Black Power Movement class.  It was there I read about the movement in the 60s and 70s where Black Americans became the makers of their own destinies. Each class I left inspired, and determined to make a difference in my community.  Now, I’m minoring in African American and African Diaspora studies.  If you get the opportunity to take this class…DO IT!

I also said goodbye to the Costume Shop crew.  Hope, my crew chief, and Ashley, my friend, and I were the trio to be messed with on crew.  Sewing labels on costumes, learning how to manipulate fabric, and laughing all the way.  BEST PRODUCTION LAB ever.

-Friday: My last Theatre History class.  After all the comments I heard about that class, I never thought I’d enjoy it so much.  Professor Cassidy and TA Beliza worked their butts off to make it an environment where we felt comfortable sharing ideas.

Hooray for Acing the Audio, and Oral parts of my Spanish exam! This is my last lower-level Spanish class this semester, and Professor Omar Vargas was really sweet, and helpful.  Although I hate learning languages in a classroom setting, I could honestly say I am going to miss SPANISH 611D.  Plus, I was voted 1st place winner for my Presentation by our class. The only regret is NOT talking to the guy I had a crush on for an entire semester.

Lesson#___: Surround yourself with AWESOME people.

“The night is sparkling/Don’t you let it go.”—Taylor Swift

The UT Service Scholars Banquet this Wednesday was where we honored the new UT Service Scholars for completing 50 service hours this semester and being officially inducted into the program.  When I’m at a banquet, I cheer the LOUDEST.  I congratulate almost everyone even people I don’t know.  I take way too many pictures.  My friend Ira was inducted and honored for her service, and now she is apart of the UT Service Scholars family.


Some of the most dedicated students are in this photo.

Jelisa, executive board and advisor

The Executive Board, and Hali, our advisor.

Jelisa and Farhana

My friend Farhana and I.

Jelisa and Brenda

My friend Brenda and I.

What was really cool about this night is this was my first induction ceremony since I didn’t get to attend my own last semester.  I got to see 15 students including my friends Jesse , Roger, Farhana, Nhi, and Brenda walk up to the podium and receive certificates.  What’s cool about UT Service Scholars is that this students would gladly continue to serve without getting any certificate.  It’s their nature, it’s a part of them.  Seeing that is what make me realize that Jesse is right “We have something special in UTSS”.

*By the way applications are still being accepted until Dec. 16th.

Highlight of the night: Meeting President Powers.  I am so weird when it comes to talking to people who are “celebrities”.  I get tongue tied.  That’s exactly what happened when I tried to talk to him.

Jelisa and President Powers

I met UT's President Powers!

Jesse and President Powers

My friend Jesse and President Powers

Lesson#__: Celebrate others accomplishments.

My LULAC mentee Luz, and friend Marissa became a member of Delta Alpha Sigma Multicultural Sorority.  I went to her probate which was the organizations first probate at UT.  Luz means light in Spanish, and she’s one of the most positive people in the world.

Jesse and Luz

Luz my mentee after her probate

My friend Ashley Corona graduated this semester.  She was one of the people who encouraged me to Study aboard, and major in Latin American Studies.  I am so proud of her for walking across that stage.

Lesson#__: End on a good note.

After chatting with my good friend/ex-LEAP Mentor Eduardo about my college progress, I realized I’ve come a long way.  From a student that faced academic challenges, to a student doing well in her classes.  I know now that that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Thank my mom for stressing this all semester: No matter how hard something is…YOU CAN DO IT.  Nothing worth anything is easy to obtain.  You are the master of your own destiny, and it doesn’t matter where you came from, all that matters is where you are going.

If you can dream it, you can do it quote
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1 Comment to (Hell)o Week! Heavenly Ending.

Good post. I enjoyed reading this article.

Anything that is worth having, is worth working for. I know it’s true, because I am surrounded in the things I’ve worked for… the love of family, the love of friends, etc…

Lots of love, Mom

January 26, 2012
— Lenora Robinson
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