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The first week of final exams have passed by. My first semester here at UT is almost over. And yet, most people have completed all their finals last week. On the other hand, I had one final on Thursday. My second final is on Tuesday. Such an injustice! What did I do to deserve this? I suffer by waking up earlier than others (for my 8 AM calculus class). Now I must cry in agony as my other peers, who did NOT sign up for early classes, leave campus for the holidays as I waste away until Wednesday morning when I finally get to leave.

What else is there to do between now and then? Everyone has already left…

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December 11, 2011 | | Comments are closed for this post

4 Comments to Injustice

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Dear Khang, haha! I feel so sorry for this “injustice” done to you. Well, it is well understandable that you have to, when other fellows embrace their sweet home, stay on campus. Such a misery! Pat pat. Well, you’ll be fine. To be alone is to be inwardly strong!
PS: Are you a freshman at UT? Aha, if so, I guess I am older than you, coz I am a senior….

December 19, 2011
— Kun

hi idk u but natalie chung told me to post something random on this site

January 15, 2012
— marty


January 15, 2012
— marty

Yeah, 8 am is early. When did your second class start? Which calculus class were you taking in the fall?

Somewhat off topic, but will 408K & 408L (credit from 5 on BC Calc exam) fulfill 408C & 408D requirements for BME?

Your blog shows a great perspective of studying at UT; thanks for posting!

March 11, 2012
— Liz
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