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I Measured Water for Four Hours Last Night

My second semester here at UT just began. No. It confronted me, a defenseless little soul against drawn swords and cocked guns. I’ll just take a sliver of time to rant about my biology lab than actually doing my lab analysis.

So I just spent a great deal of time in a cramped little room taking painful measurements of water. Yes, water. Not hydrochloric acid, not formaldehyde, not a glucose solution. Water. And what did I have to do with said water afterwards? Pour it down a drain. I spent four hours measuring water. And now I have to answer too many questions about it. I spent three hours with my lab partners today churning out our responses to our detailed observations in lab. And we’re still not done. (And yes, we are still giving our best, most intellectually conceived answers, not some hastily molded answer from Wikipedia. So if you are responsible for grading our lab report, and you are reading this, just know that, despite our frustration, we are still putting our best foot forward).

Let’s just see how these next few weeks roll by with so many harder classes this semester. I would strive to write something more meaningful if I could. But, alas, my status as a full-time student and not a full-time blogger inhibits my ability to do so.

Hopefully, some good news will come this way soon.

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January 21, 2012 | | By Khang | 3 Comments

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