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College is hard.

My mom always said that anything worth having is worth working for.  Well, I’m working and I’m working hard.  I’m fresh off a wonderful semester and now I’m a bit tired.  Where is my motivation?  Where is my perseverance?

I just need an exciting pep talk or someone with extraordinary energy to rub off on me.

It’s been a crazy two weeks. Having an 8am takes a ton of strength.  I warn you, if you are not a morning person do not, I repeat do not, take an 8am class.  Its my Afro-Latino class, which I find very interesting.  Overall, I’m in love with the subject and I actually gain knowledge from the insightful reading about prominent Afro-Latin@ figures in the United States but it is tough to wake up at 6:30 to be there on time.  I’ve said this before: LIVE ON CAMPUS!

No matter what, I will do well.

If anything worth having is worth working for, then I believe that this education is worth all of this work I’m putting in.  All of the hours studying, in office hours, being involved in organizations, upholding my spiritual values, maintaining friendships and family-ships and maintaining myself can get really stressful but I know that the 5 years I spend here will shape me into a strong woman.

My friend Paulina told me that I need to make a choice to stay motivated.  Motivation doesn’t depend on how you feel at the moment.  Today I wrote my goals on a notecard and slipped it into my planner.  I took another and did the same thing and slipped it in my notebook.  I’m going to put one in my closet when I get home as well.  That way everyday I will be reminded of why I am here.

Lesson#__: Nothing worth anything is ever easy.

Life can be a bit tough especially during college but I encourage you to never lose sight of your goals.  Take time to write them down, draw them out, make a video or song and look at or listen to it daily.  It will help you to stay focused and motivated during hard times.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win!” – Vince Lombardi

True story.

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January 25, 2012 | | By Jelisa | 1 Comment

Construction Construction Construction

There seems to be a lot of construction going on around campus, whether it be new buildings on campus or construction documents due in my Construction V class. Either way it seems to be consuming my life. Here is the good news, I find it extremely fascinating, which is important since this is about to become my life, haha. Part of my Construction V class is to go on a few site visits so that we can get an idea of what it is like to be on a construction site. Because of all the new buildings going up on campus, we got an opportunity to go one of them as a class. It we particularly cool because it was kind of in the between stage where its not really a building yet because its not inclosed or usable, but no one can deny how much of a substantial impact it has made on the campus already just by standing tall. So I just wanted to share some of the experiences that an architecture student gets that the rest of the study body misses out on. Here are some photos from our visit:

Construction professor

my construction professor Juan Miro showing us how they use a small mock up on site

New building

this will be the entrance

New building view

this building is going to have a great view of the tower!

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