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Bring it Back, bring it, bring it, bring it back

It’s my sixth semester of college and I still get the jitters when I’m walking into a classroom for the first time.

I still wait until the second day to talk to my professor.

I still dress nice the first day.

Sure, I’m a professional college student (I’m a third year) but that first day of class always makes me nervous, excited and determined.

Austin, I’m back…

I came back to Austin about two weeks ago. After a three hour long ride belting out top 40 songs with my friends, I was happy to settle in to my new apartment.  I finally saw my first poetry slam with my friend Lydia, reunited with my friends Ja’ Michael and Lisa and welcomed my new friend Juan to Austin.  Austin was waiting for me and it was every bit as extraordinary as it was when I left it in December.

First day of school already?

The relaxed times of Winter break are gone and all of a sudden I have to roll out of bed at 6:30 am so that I can make it to my 8:00 am class on Afro-Latinos with Professor Josianna Arroyo.  I have to work to contain my enthusiasm in that class because learning about Black history is makes me proud.

So, I’ve finally settled on classes after add/drop after add/drop.  Afro-Latino Culture, Theatre History, African American Theatre History, Biology and Intro to Non-profits. It all sounds great to me but I must admit I am NOT excited about Biology but I just found out my friend Ja’Michael is in that class so I’m a bit happy.

I’ve spent this past week reconnecting with friends I didn’t get to see, reading for classes (yes, it’s already started!) and volunteering for the IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) conference where I saw free theater (always a perk to volunteering). This weekend I went to 6th street with my friends and believe it or not parents who read this: There is the Ebus, free for any UT student, that takes students to sixth street and back to West Campus and Riverside.  I also picniced in Zilker for the first time.


See kids, you can be safe and have fun, the Ebus is the way to go!


An amazing afternoon spent with some old friends and making new ones

Mac and cheese

Courtney made some good Mac and Cheese


Meet my friends Tiffany and Courtney

Lesson #__: Everyone faces battles.  You are not alone.

I recently attended a seminar on Self-Esteem.  Having battled those issues myself, I was interested in hearing what the speakers would have to say about self-confidence.  As I listened to the stories, I realized that as college students we all face challenges.  Whether it be self-esteem, academics or relationships.  It’s important to surround yourself with others who support you and to be your own cheerleader.

The most amazing thing happened to me today.  My friend Kate, from last semester’s Spanish class, told me that from the moment she meet me that God put it on her heart to tell me that He made me beautiful. Just hearing that made me smile.

Lesson#__: No matter what your spiritual beliefs are you should try to make others smile when you get the opportunity.

Jelissa laughing

I have no idea what I was laughing at!

I’m really excited for what this semester holds.   Getting back to the grind is never easy but I’m handling it.  I’m looking forward to sharing all the rainbows, butterflies and challenges that this semester will bring with you all.  Let’s get ready for this wild ride!

I saw this at Cafe Medici on the drag. “Lovely never ever change keep that beautiful charm.”

The quote at Cafe Medici

The quote at Cafe Medici

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January 23, 2012 | | Comments are closed for this post

3 Comments to Bring it Back, bring it, bring it, bring it back

Jayyy! :D your blog is so inspirational as always. I love the part about Coutney’s awesome mac and cheese lol. I think what Kate told you is amazing and true!! I also love the title of this blog, the italicised description up top, and how you share so much of your personality with your reader :)
Good luck in school Jay!!!

January 25, 2012
— Polly

ARGHGHHHH *mermaid voice*

January 26, 2012
— Jorge

Great article, Jelisa.
When I look in the mirror, I choose to like what I see. Liking myself fills my life with the energy of love that flows over and brightens someone else’s day.

Love, Mom

January 26, 2012
— Lenora Robinson
photo of Jelisa