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Out with the Old, In with the New

Today was the official start for the Spring Semester for the thousands of students who attend The University of Texas at Austin. Gridlock once again overtook Guadalupe Street, seating in the Union was practically impossible at lunch, students were jaywalking to avoid being late to their first class, and blaring music from the frat houses filled West Campus. However, this is the peaceful part of the semester. This is the part of the semester where everybody is excited and positive about the classes they are taking. Today I did not see a single person crying by the Turtle Pond or contemplating their future as a philosophy major. (By the way, what can you do with that?)

I personally was very excited about the semester after having a relaxing break. I got to see all of my family and caught up with my oldest friends (If you have never played BLURT, then I suggest you buy it). I read three books… that I personally picked out and was not tested over!!! I taught my brother to say “OU Sucks” (I rewarded him with M&M’s) and ate way too much at Nana and G’s house. Gran was still running the nursing home and collecting her tokens like they were more valuable than diamonds (which at 99, I say whatever makes her happy). Finally my parents brought me back to reality by giving me chores (my how I love feeding calves in the mud) and reassuring me that though my GPA is still not what I would like it to be, I am making improvements.

So I was very excited and eager to go to class today. My first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays isn’t until 2:00, so I was a little thrown off by not having to rush around to get ready. In previous semesters I have had classes that started sometime between 8:00 and 10:00, so this was a drastic change. I guess this is one of the benefits to making it to your sixth semester.

Maps and Map Interpretations started off my day. I am very excited about this class (at this point, remind me of my “excitement” whenever it is April). My professor has a very interesting teaching style. He has a very dry sense of humor that some may take as insults. Little does he know that I survived the College of Natural Hell for one semester and can handle anything. I really enjoyed it though, all we did for an hour and a half was discuss the different types of maps and what they could be used for. I love a good ole map.

My second class came right after my Maps class.

Here is where I would like to go off on a tangent and tell all of the future Longhorns that before you book two classes back to back, look on the U.T. Website at where they are. It is no fun having to run from one corner of campus to another in the rain. So before you decide that you are interested in taking Basket-Weaving (shout out to my mother) right after Calculus, make sure that they are in close proximity.

Back to my second class. This class is the prep course to become an Orientation Advisor this summer. Luckily, it is in the Pharmacy Building right next to the Geography Building, so I had no trouble making it on time. Right now I would classify it as interesting. We were given a quick overview of what to look for in the semester and we were reassured that though we may not understand what we are doing right now, it should all make sense in the end. The class is filled with all types of people. Today we introduced ourselves to the entire class by giving the basics (name, hometown, major, favorite food) and it was hilarious seeing what all people loved. Answers ranged from DeKalb to Venezuela, Deaf Education to Engineering, and from crawfish to nutella.

So a great first day. The first day of class in three semesters where I was not required to speak Italian. Which, I will admit there was a little nostalgia but I quickly got over it (no mom and nana, I am still not going to minor in it). Tomorrow I get my first dose of Nutrition and Urban Politics. Nutrition will round out my sciences and I can check that off of my list of things I will never have to do again. However, I am going at it with a positive attitude because I always think back to Dr. Laude telling me, “You can do it, you just have to tell yourself you can.” Then again, I’m thinking we won’t be discussing Thermodynamics, so I should be safe.

Well, I have to get back to filling out my Day Planner with assignments (yes future Longhorns, you are assigned homework on the first day).

Ciao and Hook’em!


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