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There’s a certain unexplainable thrill in discovering something new and unexplored, no? Figuratively speaking, one discovers something new about ourselves quite frequently. In particular relation to the series of events that took place yesterday afternoon during my lunch outing with some friends, the discovery in question was the crestfallen location exhibited below. At first glance it might seem slightly dull (a mundane assortment of cars and pavement), but the gray-cast sky fit much too well with this abandoned crossway for me not to claw out my camera from my bag and record some subtle moments. As of late, I’ve found that Austin provides this hidden gems of locations in abundance, so it comes to reason that I feel lucky to be at UT.




(urban outfitters jacket, gap sweater, dkny jeans, asos brogues, vintage backpack)

(urban outfitters jacket, gap sweater, dkny jeans, asos brogues, vintage backpack)

You might assume from glancing over these photos that I’m appropriately dressed for winter (hence the gargantuan military jacket), but just in case you’re never made your way south of the American mainland, I’ll inform you of the fact that here, ‘winter’ is a vast misnomer. What’s supposed to be a straight season of freeze is in fact days and days of bipolar temperatures. One day blisteringly hot, one day enjoyably cold. The humid kind, on the other hand, is what I experienced yesterday when shooting these photos, so please excuse the indifferent facial expressions I’m making- it’s simply me attempting not to trek about in annoyance (though I did smile a bit in theĀ first photo!). Austin’s climate is something I am indeed discovering…. to be a nuisance. Unfortunately, not all of the things we discover are going to be promising. But here’s hoping they are.

Ricardo Hernandez
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February 14, 2012 | | By Ricardo | 2 Comments

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