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A little piece of Childhood

When I was younger…

I imagined college as a place where students read out of gigantic books jammed-packed with information.

I thought writing in cursive would never go out of style.

I figured that once you hit the age of 18, you’d suddenly morph into a “grown-up” looking person.

I thought you’d leave behind your intense laughter, grand imagination and joking ways.  As child, I just knew that grown-ups knew everything.  That once you graduated high school you were set.

No longer would you need cookies and cards from friends in homeroom to feel loved.  No longer would you need leisurely walks, pointless thoughts or playdates.  We still need all that stuff as “psuedo-adults” its just a bit different in how we go about obtaining those things.

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Remember when you bought candy and Valentines Day cards for your class?  For me, Valentines Day came and went.  Its not really my favorite holiday but in the spirit of reliving my childhood I made cards for several of my friends.  The cards were very small but the thought was what mattered.  The older I get the more I believe that.  It’s the thought that counts.

My friend Lisa brought me Valentine's cookies!

My friend Lisa brought me Valentine's cookies!

A few of my friends gave me a Valentine.  Including my friend Lisa, who walked all the way to my class to give me cookies!  Sugar cookies, the kind with delicious pink icing caked on it.  Another friend, Mercedes, gave me an awesome letter and some chocolate.   Polly, wrote me an encouraging poem and read to me.  See, you don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day!

Lisa and I hanging out of Valentines Day!
Lisa and I hanging out on Valentines Day!

Marathon Kids in the a.m.

This Saturday a big group of my friends from various organizations volunteered at a Marathon Kids event.  The event was basically a field day where children of all ages could run, jog,  and get medals and rewards for being active.  Being around this high energy atmosphere reminded me of the days when I didn’t need a laptop, cellphone or electronic device to have fun.  The days when I would roller blade in my neighborhood with country music playing in my ears.  The days I long for again.

While volunteering at Marathon kids, my friends and I decided to make a pyramid.

While volunteering at Marathon kids, my friends and I decided to make a pyramid.

Excitement filled the air as hundreds of children ran, jogged, jumped and skipped to the finish line.  I along with my friends handed out stickers, frisbees, coloring books and other goodies for the children and sometimes even their parents.  It was a great bonding experience for the friends I’ve met while being involved at the University of Texas in Austin.  We even got the chance to hype up the crowd by dancing to the cupid shuffle!

My friend Jocelyn and I passing out prizes for the kids who ran!

My friend Jocelyn and I passing out prizes!

Afterwards, we all headed to Whole Foods and let me tell you…It was heavenly.  I had been wanting some mashed potatoes for a while and I finally bought some.  That was my first Whole Foods experience; I will be going back!


After watching my friend Ja’Micheal perform in the University of Texas New Theatre show, River City.  I longed to use my child-like creative imagination to finish the play I’ve been working on since this time last year.  River City was a magnificent show and I’m not just saying that because my friend was in it.  It told the story of a biracial black and white woman searching for information about her African American father after he died.  Although race is a heavy topic, its one I enjoy talking about through art.  Many of the plays I have written focus on interracial relationships.

Lesson #__: Never lose your childhood.

Seeing those children today made me realize, that we grow up so fast.  It seems like yesterday I was sitting in my room jamming to NSync and now I’m in college.  This semester I’ve been extremely busy with school and just life in general that I sometimes fail to appreciate the little things in life.  Of course, money, transportation and food are important but let’s not forget that the sound of laughter is contagious, a smile is your greatest accessory and a hug can take away any pain.

A group of friends with smiles and balloons!

A group of friends with smiles and balloons!

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