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A Brief (Self-)Reminder on Time Management

My plans for this past weekend:
-BIO 206L analysis (spent almost 6 hours on it)
-Short programming assignment
-Homework for that same class
-Government reading
-Biochemistry homework
-Study for biochemistry exam on Tuesday
-Study for math test on Thursday
-First week volunteering at St. David’s Hospital on the northeast corner of campus
-Write this

This was the first week I was really inundated with a lot of assignments. Tests have been quietly creeping upon me, and I am just now getting used to the accelerated rhythm of school (after a month-long hiatus). I have not been taking school as seriously as I should have, and the pain is slowly beginning to overtake my mind.

I was all too naive when I thought I could trim and mold my schedule in any manner I wished. Well it just so happened that my schedule left me with pockets of time between classes (I have a 1.5 hour break between biochemistry and math on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for example). But rather than spending that time wisely, I have been lofting around, avoiding homework and reading for more menial chores such as naps and YouTube. As a result, I am more stressed, and my nights are spent without sleep. And the quality of my past few blogs have deteriorated drastically.

To remedy the problem, I have allocated blocks of time during these pockets on a copy of my class schedule during which I will work on assignments of a particular subject. This is only a guide; the success of the effectiveness of this ambitious move of desperation and self-discipline will hopefully correlate negatively with my overall stress levels and favorably with my hours of sleep.

The only problem arises when I fail to complete the assignments within the allotted amount of time. It is difficult to gauge the amount of time some tasks, such as programming, take. But I will try to adapt accordingly.

To all my high school friends, the first semester may seem slightly easier. But after that grace period, the fun begins to set in. You will be inundated with so much work. Not necessarily all hard, just so much to handle. And trust me, seven classes back home is not the same as five classes over here.

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