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Are there enough hours in the day?

I sometimes ask myself are there enough hours in the day?

Sometimes I feel like there aren’t, like I try to complete everything I can but I just don’t get it done.

The planner isn’t worth much unless you actually use it and lately I’ve been feeling like I have to schedule everything.  Time to study, time to go to class, time to volunteer.  Time is something I think we take for granted as college students.  We go along with life as if it’s going to last forever when it doesn’t.  These are the last of my blogs and I’m kind of sad about the end this journey.

As we prepare for finals, projects and essays, I invite everyone to take a moment and enjoy the moment.

College is stressful!

Just when you think you have one thing finished, there is another thing.  Its completely unending, a circle of tasks you have to complete in order to receive a fancy piece of paper.  I am experiencing the most stress this week that I have experienced this whole entire semester.  It’s as if everything that could be happening is happening.

Sometimes, I admit, I don’t know how to handle it.  That’s the beauty of life, you don’t know how to handle everything but you have people to help you along the way.  I appreciate those people.  My friends, mentors, professors and family who have been divinely placed in my life, you have made the difference.

So what do I do about this stress?

I’m just going to do what my mom says: Take it one step at a time.  There is only so much you can complete in a day and there is no use in crying over what you can’t change.

On another note: Many of my friends are graduating.  Taking the leap to grad school, the real world and other opportunities.  Many of these people I met my freshman year coached me and mentored me.  UT won’t be the same without them.  I am nervous because in 2 years that will be me.  The thought scares me but I know that I will have to face that fear one day.  My dependence is in my faith, everything will be fine.

I’ve started going to bible study with LaFe this semester.  Partly because I needed to feed my spiritual life, and partly because I wanted to meet new people.  One of my good friends Clara, who has really be instrumental in my growth as a person this semester, invited me to the bible study but I didn’t go until I experienced InterVarsity Missions Trip.

A lot of the time I’m thinking about my future.  What do I want to do with my life and what is my calling.  You’ve caught me at a mid-college crisis because when I came into UT I just knew I wanted to act.  Now I find myself wanted to explore social justice, public policy, education and the arts.  My passion lies in using different languages and I think I want to spend a year abroad teaching English in Latin America.  Afterwards, I want to go to grad school for African Diaspora Studies.  That’s just the plan now.  My mentor Rene’ told me something true: The only thing constant is change J

Lesson #___: You can do it! There is really nothing to it but to do it.  I know it sounds cliché but it’s true.

-Looking forward to the last few blog entries on study abroad, final projects and enjoying Spring 2012 before summer.

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