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Today is a gift, thats why they call it the present…

Wow, its that time of year again. That time when I have no finals, no meetings and nothing to do. The time where I reflect on the year that changed my life. This has been the absolute best year of my entire college career. I’ve experienced successes, friendships and most of all I’ve learned so many lessons.
In a few days I’ll be attending quite a few graduations. I think seeing many of my friends and mentors graduating and leaving the 40 acres makes me think of how close I am to walking across that stage. 2 years from now, I will be graduating from the University of Texas Austin!
I cannot believe that two years ago, I was driving with my family to Austin with “I Got A Feelin’” Blasting from the car stereo. Although I was excited to start my new life, I feared being away from home. I have lasted three years through the grace of God at this institution and each year has brought me new memories. Through pain and passion, this experience has taught me that perserverance and determination can get you through anything.
Yes, things stay the same each and every year but I always met new and interesting people who become my friends, mentors and collaborators. I sometimes think to myself what would UT be had I not met the people I’ve meet on this campus.
This semester, I’ve joined a sisterhood of Kappa Delta Chi, revived my love for performance, finally decided to go to graduate school for African Diaspora Studies and finally got accepted to a study abroad program! I was also blessed to win a Tower Award for my volunteer work.  I’m so excited about next semester.  I’ll be preparing for Grad school applications, being an active member of Kappa Delta Chi, working with Students for Equity and Diversity, mentoring with LEAP and Interning with GLIE on campus.
Here comes goodbye
It’s ended.  I’m stoked for the next group of bloggers who will share their experiences with you all.  I am also sad about the ending of another year.  I’ve learned so much about myself, my friends and my future.  This is my last entry and I want to thank you for staying tuned.  I hope that I gave you a good glimpse into life as a longhorn.  This is just one story though…I hope that you learned something from each of the bloggers.  Maybe UT is where you need to be or maybe its another college but wherever it is, remember to go where you feel is best.

I’d like to give a special shout out to those who make up my support system at UT…you all know who you are.It is because of you all that I am able to call UT my home away from home.  Each memory that we have made is amazing and you all have shaped me into the person I am today.  I’ve been blessed to have the best friends, mentors, professors and loved ones who make my life better.  I didn’t have many real friends in high school and I am humbled and blessed that you all are apart of my life.


My mom and Dad and Nathan and Jonathan…these college years have been rough but I could not have done this without you.  Thank you for every piece of advice, financial support and coaching you have given me during college and even before that.  Mom and Dad, I am so blessed to have you all as my parents.  I cannot wait to make you proud and receive my degree in Theatre and Dance and Latin American Studies Spring 2014!  Nathan and Jonathan, I am so proud of the young men that you have become.  You will go further than I will and continue to make yourselves and our family proud.

All thanks and glory goes to God.  For His guidance, love and the fact that he has showered me with so many supportive people for my journey.  This has truly been the best year of my college career.  My faith has increased, my life is enhanced. I finally got to live my dream of blogging for UT :)

Lesson #_____: Anything you believe, you can achieve.

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