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Facts about your family:

My parents live here in Austin (a good thing when I don’t feel like doing laundry!). I also have one older sister, who is thankfully just three hours away in Houston.

Why did you choose to attend The University of Texas at Austin?

The question was, why not? It had everything I was looking for–diversity, twin pillars of tradition and change, and a strong academic program.

What do you want to do when you graduate from the university?

Be happy in whatever path I choose. Whether I decide to pursue more education or tackle ‘the real world,’ I want to enjoy each day I have and make the most of it.

If you had to choose one thing about yourself to share with the university’s Web audience, what would it be?

When I’m anxious, I pull on the skin of my thumbs. Completely odd, but it’s a telltale sign when I’m going cuckoo with stress.

Who are your heroes?

I’m almost certain that my sister is Superwoman minus the cape. Every day, I am in complete awe of her grace and strength of heart.

I also have a short-list of go-getters whom I admire, and the quality that ties them together is their resilience in the face of obstacles.

If you could travel to one spot anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit?

I am finally old enough to appreciate visiting Kerala, my parent’s home state in India. When I was younger, I was jetlagged and unappreciative of the opportunity to understand my roots. When I last visited in 2005, I was enthralled by the beauty and culture I found there. I would love to go back for an extended trip (more than two weeks) and just soak in the lifestyle and see how the world is from a different point of view.

What are your current favorite books? What books would you recommend to someone you just met?

Excuse me while I whip out my cauldron and wand. Yes, I’m a huge Potter fan. I’m also fond of Jane Austen novels, “Jane Eyre,” “Anne of Green Gables,” “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” “America the Book” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

What pushes your buttons? What are your pet peeves?

I can’t stand dirty feet–I’ll even wash my feet when I get home. And it drives me nuts when people walk in packs or in the middle of the sidewalk–there should be walking lanes or something!

What are your favorite Web sites? Why?

You are asking the wrong person–I love the Internet. My Google Reader is out of control! I have to check CNN, Facebook, Twitter and The New York Times every day. I like a combination of objective news and user-generated information. And it would be a lie if I didn’t include PerezHilton–the man reports on everything saucy!

What are your favorite foods?

Tomato soup is my weakness; I’ll have it even during the hottest summer days! Lime popsicles are also incredible–a bit of sweet, a bit of tarty freshness.

What music are you listening to?

I’ve got John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Coldplay and The Beatles doing a little dance in my iTunes right now.

What are your favorite academic subjects? What are you interested in studying in the future?

I am completely fascinated by the relationship between communication and technology–my generation is (or will be) completely dependent on technology in the years to come, and structuring communication messages and channels in an effective manner is something I’d like to study further or develop in my career.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

The Six Pack-Main Mall-West Mall area is definitely a favorite. I love the hustle and bustle of the crowds (a constant between classes) and hearing the Tower chime isn’t too shabby either. It’s where I feel most like a student at UT.

Where are your favorite places to go in Austin?

Whenever possible, I head to Mozart’s. I love being relatively close to the water and there is occasionally live music. Plus, there is free wifi and coffee up to your eyeballs.

What are your favorite free-time activities?

I love sleep! I never get enough of it, so when I can, I don’t set an alarm and catch up on my sleep debt. I also love spending time with my friends, and we’re usually just talking, playing games and occasionally having a dance party. When I’m not slammed with schoolwork, I fit in running and (most recently!) spinning–it clears my head like nothing else. Exploring Austin, shopping, being outside and trying anything new are all things I like, too.

Other interesting facts about you:

I never notice how short I am until someone points it out! People make it seem being vertically challenged is a shortcoming (inside awkward laugh here!), but I actually don’t mind.

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