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The hardest 3 weeks of the year….

Three more weeks and it’s all over…well, almost, I still have two finals to take. Just because there’s three weeks left, doesn’t mean school gets any easier, on the contrary, it gets kind of tough.

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April 17, 2007 | | Comments Off

The amenities of being a senior…

What do I like about being a senior in college? The fact that I got first choice, along with other seniors, about which classes to take and at what time. For the past three semesters, my earliest classes have been at 11:00am, giving me plenty of sleep time. Life is good.

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March 27, 2007 | | Comments Off

The final strech…

After a well deserved spring break, I’m back in school to finish off the rest of the semester and finally graduate. As May approaches, I have been doing everything I have to do to graduate.

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March 20, 2007 | | Comments Off

Graduation excitement or is it nervousness?

As my graduation comes closer and closer, the thought of what to do after I graduate is always on my mind? Should I get a job or keep on with my studies? I still have to do well in the classes I am currently taking but I also need to think of what [...]

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February 24, 2007 | | Comments Off

The work piles on…

Even though it’s barely the second full week of school, I already feel like I’m behind on my work. Marketing courses are full of group projects and this semester is no different.

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January 31, 2007 | | Comments Off

Back to school – more work than it seems….

After a long, long break, people feel like going back to school. But after you get there, you feel like going back home, because of all the hard work that lies ahead; that, the fact that you have to buy ridiculously expensive books for class.

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January 20, 2007 | | Comments Off

Back to school for Spring…

After a well deserved break, school must start again. While in Austin, going home is great, but with long breaks, home gets a bit boring after a while, and you get ready to go back.

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January 6, 2007 | | Comments Off

School is done!….for the semester…

Everyone looks foward to Christmas break especially after a semester with a lot of work. This year I got to go home early, because I didn’t have any finals, which is really awesome, but how did this happen? Read on…

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December 18, 2006 | | Comments Off

Stressed out and looking for a break….

Why would I be writing a blog when I already have so much to do?…so many meetings to go to (I’m actively involved with 5 different organizations), a job that requires a lot sometimes and little other times, and trying to keep up with all my classes and course work, which includes a practicum (a [...]

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November 28, 2006 | | Comments Off

What to expect. . .

Hello all,
My name is Michelle. I’m a Cancer. I’m also a Junior Government major at the University of Texas at Austin.
Here’s to answer a couple of questions, you might have. I’ll cover the basics.
Where are you from?
I hail from Pearland, TX. It’s a small town outside of Houston.

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November 26, 2006 | | Comments Off

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