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Why did you choose to attend The University of Texas at Austin?

Coming from a town of 1,769 people, I was ready for a change of pace and scenery. I was ready to get out of the fish bowl and experience a different environment on my own. Not only was this school the best choice for me academically but also the city of Austin cannot be surpassed. I love the diversity and am looking to see or do everything Austin has to offer.

What’s your dream job after graduation?

The million-dollar question! At this point, I would say there is a very close race between: TWC Meteorologist, U.S. Ambassador or Travel Channel TV host.

If you could travel to one spot anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit?

Nepal. Not only is the country home to eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world but it also has an amazing geographic landscape. Plus, who doesn’t love a yak?

What music are you listening to?

Weezy is the best! I am listening to everything from Dolly Parton to Kanye West and Josh Groban to Slipknot. Top five: Lil Wayne, Shwayze, Chiodos, 30 Seconds to Mars and Zach Brown Band.

What are your favorite Web sites? Why?

  • Wikipedia. Not for essays but you can look up anything about everything. I love Trivia.
  • Yahoo. My news headquarters.
  • The Weather Channel. I am obsessed with weather.

What’s your pick: Tex-Mex or Texas barbecue?

Well, I am a vegetarian, so Tex-Mex is much more “user friendly.”

Where are your favorite places to go in Austin? What are your favorite things to do in Austin?

Alamo Drafthouse is amazing! I love every part of the theater from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.
SoCo is a life changing experience. I love the “off-the-beaten-path” restaurants and stores that Austin has. (Quality Seafood.)

What are your favorite academic subjects? What are you interested in studying in the future?

My favorite subjects are: geography, government and history. I would rather read a map or atlas than any book. Last semester I took a class called “Politics of Africa” and now I am looking at taking everything that relates to African politics.

What tip would you give to someone new to the UT campus?

  • Academic: Know that the Sanger Learning Center is in Jester.
  • Nonacademic: Always carry a cigarette lighter with you in your backpack in case some of Guadalupe Street’s more colorful residents will not leave you alone. Personal experience.

Tell us a little about your family:

My family means everything to me. Mom not only taught me etiquette and manners but the words to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dad taught me how to shoot a gun, turn bulls into steers, and introduced me to amazing people and places. Nana showed me how to bake, to always make a list, how to play Spades and always has my back. G built me my very own tree house and takes me on the greatest adventures. Gran is my favorite person in the world and amazes me daily. Cash, Em, and Mea have given me my greatest childhood memories and are my second siblings. My brother Kujo, though he is only two, is my hero and I cannot imagine a life without him.

What are your favorite free-time activities?

Any activity with my friends. Mario Kart, movies, floating, visiting new sites in Austin.

Name one interesting or quirky thing about yourself:

Every morning I have to put on 15 swipes of deodorant under each arm.

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September 30, 2011 | | Comments are closed for this post

1 Comment to Landon’s Profile

This is great! I’ve recently been accepted to UT and Government is something I have considered for a long time. It isn’t my major now, but I’m already thinking about pursuing it. Excited to follow you and read your blog. Thanks!

December 18, 2011
— Jonnie
photo of Landon