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Why did you choose to attend The University of Texas at Austin?

I chose to attend The University of Texas at Austin as my undergraduate because I believed that it would create a solid foundation on which to build my studies, my blog and my brand before officially catapulting my career in New York City.

What’s your dream job after graduation?

Considering that I have had a successful fashion blog for the past year called The Style Inquisitor, I have had constant reassuring that my goal/dream is to become a freelance fashion writer and independent fashion blogger in New York City as well as abroad in international markets.

If you could travel to one spot anywhere in the world, where would you want to visit?

My favorite place in the entire world, or at least the one that appeals to me the most, is New York City, which I have had the pleasure of visiting before, and quite recently, and which I hope to move to upon graduating. However, one of the cities that calls to me the most is Paris. The romanticism of Paris is undoubtedly alluring and it also boasts one of the most successful fashion markets in the industry, so it would be ideal for my developing my knowledge to visit the city as well.

What music are you listening to?

Austin might be having a severe influence on my taste in music because prior to my moving here, I was always a mixed listener of top 40, pop, latin, techno and other genre hybrids. However, since my being here, I have fallen in love with more unlikely performers like Lykke Li, Foster The People, and Florence + The Machine.

What are your favorite Web sites? Why?

I am an avid follower of fashion blogs and magazine Web sites because not only do I get personal pleasure from reading them, but it is crucial for me to stay up-to-date with what is currently going on in the fashion industry. The website Bloglovin’ is my daily newspaper, because it keeps track of all the new posts from the blogs that I follow. I constantly read Style Scrapbook, Fashion Toast, Bryanboy, Style Bubble, Song of Style, Cheyenne Meets Chanel, The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, Frou Frouu and much more. As for magazines, I always take a look at Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, BULLETT, AnOther and DANSK.

What’s your pick: Tex-Mex or Texas barbecue?

If I HAD to pick one, Tex-Mex, but I much prefer authentic Mexican food.

Where are your favorite places to go in Austin? What are your favorite things to do in Austin?

I love going to sort of the undiscovered treasures of the city when it comes to food, which I thank my brother, who is a long-time Austinite, for introducing me to. But I am still in the process of finding out which places are exactly my favorite. There are many! As for things that I enjoy doing, my absolute favorite pastime is blogging and writing. It’s what I do and who I am.

What are your favorite academic subjects? What are you interested in studying in the future?

My favorite subject is English and I am a journalism major very interested in taking many more classes on magazine editing.

What tip would you give to someone new to the UT campus?

I would say that ignore the myth that one has to quickly find a place to fit in on campus, because truthfully, it just happens on its own — you sort of slip or fit into a specific place that you are happy in.

Tell us a little about your family:

I was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States when I was 8 years old with my parents and my brother and sister. We have lived here for the past 10 years and it is amazing how much I have learned! I taught myself the English language and now I’m a freelance fashion writer who just attended and reviewed shows at New York Fashion Week. It’s unbelievable how smoothly I have gotten to this point and I am so blessed.

What are your favorite free-time activities?

Most of my day consists of writing and blogging, and anything else Web-centered (I’m a product of the new generation!). I read most of my newspapers and magazines online, so if you see me around campus, you’ll probably find me clicking away at the keys.

Name one interesting or quirky thing about yourself:

I speak three languages — English, Spanish and French. And the idea behind my blog’s name (The Style Inquisitor) came about from watching one of the Harry Potter films (long explanation!).

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