Faculty Insights in Brief

These video snapshots from faculty presenting at
Explore UT offer a glimpse into lecture halls and labs
across campus. Take five and experience the essence
of academic life Saturday, March 1 at Explore UT.
Take Five Archive

Chandrajit Bajaj Chandrajit Bajaj

of Natural Sciences

Bajaj discusses computational visualization and drug discovery.

Philip Stanforth Philip Stanforth

of Education

Stanforth sheds light on how to accurately assess body composition.

Fehintola Mosadomi Fehintola Mosadomi

of Liberal Arts

Mosadomi shares insight into the Yoruba language and people.

Susan Hovorka Susan Hovorka

Jackson School
of Geosciences

Hovorka explains the process and benefits of storing carbon dioxide underground.

Paul Stekler Paul Stekler

of Communication

Stekler looks at the importance of capturing American politics on film.