Faculty Insights in Brief

This archive of video snapshots from university faculty
offers a glimpse into lecture halls and labs across campus. Take five and experience the essence of academic life.

Professor Department Description Date
Lopez, Debra College of Pharmacy Lopez looks at new therapies that are helping people with diabetes. Fall 2007
Regnerus, Mark College of Liberal Arts Regnerus explores the attitudes and actions of evangelical teens toward sex. Fall 2007
Robinson, John McCombs School
of Business
Robinson explains how the alternative minimum tax affects a growing number of taxpayers. Fall 2007
Stuart, David College of Fine Arts Stuart discusses the “grand staircase” of the ancient Maya civilization. Fall 2007
Woolley, Jacqueline College of Liberal Arts Woolley sheds light on how children distinguish fantasy from reality. Fall 2007
Buchanan, Bruce College of Liberal Arts Buchanan sheds light on what presidential accountability is and how well the system works. Summer 2007
Gosling, Sam College of Liberal Arts Gosling explores the ways personality is expressed in living spaces, offices and virtual environments. Summer 2007
Mosher, Sharon Jackson School
of Geosciences
Mosher explains how the Australian-Pacific oceanic plate boundary has changed radically over time. Summer 2007
Volker, Debbie School of Nursing Volker discusses what people want regarding personal control and comfort at the end of life. Summer 2007
Watkins, S. Craig College of Communication Watkins shares how hip hop culture has emerged as a global force in the lives of young people. Summer 2007
Cantú, Norma School of Law Cantú sheds light on the recent legal developments with Title IX and single-sex education. Spring 2007
Kockelman, Kara Cockrell School
of Engineering
Kockelman shares a solution to building our way out of traffic congestion. Spring 2007
Miikkulainen, Risto College of Natural Sciences Miikkulainen explains how artificial assistants, such as robots and computer programs, learn through neuroevolution. Spring 2007
Ritter, Gretchen College of Liberal Arts Ritter shares stories of strong women from Texas who’ve made history. Spring 2007
Sathasivan, K. Sata College of Natural Sciences Sathasivan discusses ways in which biotechnology is helping to improve life. Spring 2007
Ainslie, Ricardo College of Education Ainslie shares his approach to working with communities that have experienced conflict. Fall 2006
Henson, James College of Liberal Arts Henson takes an historical approach to analyzing the midterm election season in Texas politics. Fall 2006
Moore, Steven A. School of Architecture Moore explains how sustainable building goes beyond achieving efficiency with the use of green technologies. Fall 2006
Rose, Mary College of Liberal Arts Rose examines jury composition and its effect on the deliberative process. Fall 2006
Williams, Jerome College of Communication Williams shows the importance of multicultural marketing and sensitivities to changing demographics. Fall 2006
Bartholomew, John College of Education Bartholomew explores techniques for helping children eat well and exercise while at school. Summer 2006
Flores, Richard College of Liberal Arts Flores reveals the historical background behind the story of the Alamo becoming popularized in Texas. Summer 2006
Gaither, Kelly Texas Advanced
Computing Center
Gaither explains how the process of visualization helps us understand complex scientific phenomena. Summer 2006
Pattillo, Marilyn School of Nursing Pattillo shares basic strategies for preparing yourself and loved ones for an emergency situation. Summer 2006
Staley, Thomas F. Harry Ransom Humanities
Research Center
Staley explains how original source materials stimulate and enhance the learning experience. Summer 2006
Armenta, Kathy School of Social Work Armenta shows how resiliency and play interventions can be beneficial for people of all ages. Spring 2006
Garza, Thomas College of Liberal Arts Garza reveals the fact behind the fiction surrounding the origins, lore and legend of the vampire. Spring 2006
Loving, Timothy College of Natural Sciences Loving explores how your close personal relationships may affect your physical well-being. Spring 2006
Palaima, Thomas College of Liberal Arts Palaima discusses how we relate stories of war, from the time of the ancient Greeks to modern-day conflicts. Spring 2006
Vishwanath, Sriram Cockrell School
of Engineering
Vishwanath explains the revolution of wireless communication and how we benefit from this technology. Spring 2006
Banner, Jay Jackson School
of Geosciences

Banner explores how the interactions between atmosphere, land and ocean systems are preserved in the geologic record.

Fall 2005
Brown, Carolyn College of Pharmacy

Brown discusses how cultural and ethnic differences can affect patients’ treatment decisions and practices.

Fall 2005
Davis, Barbara College of Communication

Davis discusses how infants acquire speech motor control and go on to master language—our most complex and unique capacity.

Fall 2005
Pennebaker, James College of Liberal Arts

Pennebaker explores how writing exercises can affect physical and mental health and aid in recovery from traumatic experiences.

Fall 2005
Woodbury, Anthony College of Liberal Arts

Woodbury discusses the loss of languages around the world and the importance of language preservation.

Fall 2005
Cabello de Martínez, Cristina College of Liberal Arts

Cabello de Martínez explores the world of children’s literature and performs an original children’s story in Spanish.

Spring 2005
Laycock, Douglas School of Law

Laycock discusses a legal case involving government display of the Ten Commandments and explains what the argument is all about.

Spring 2005
Loo, Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Cockrell School
of Engineering

Loo shows how the field of plastic electronics can bring us cheaper and more flexible electronic devices.

Spring 2005
Lucero, Amarante College of Fine Arts

Lucero explores the art, magic and substance of light from the dynamic world of robotic lighting.

Spring 2005
Theriault, Sean College of Liberal Arts

Theriault discusses the history of the Congress and its role in the lawmaking process within the U.S. government system.

Spring 2005
Busch, Noël School of Social Work

Professor Busch examines findings from the first statewide survey of sexual assault ever conducted in Texas.

Spring 2004
Butler, John Sibley McCombs School
of Business

Professor Butler provides an historical perspective on the benefits of immigrant and minority entrepreneurship.

Spring 2004
Erickson, Carlton College of Pharmacy

Professor Erickson explains addiction versus dependence and how drugs connect with the brain’s pleasure pathway.

Spring 2004
Morrison, Deborah College of Communication

Professor Morrison discusses the role of creativity in life and creative potential in the advertising profession.

Spring 2004
Torres, Gerald School of Law

Professor Torres discusses how we think about issues of race and how that makes a difference in public policy.

Spring 2004
Berg, Charles Ramírez College of Communication

Professor Ramírez Berg shares his philosophy on teaching and three lessons he imparts to his students.

Fall 2003
Bobbitt, Philip School of Law

Professor Bobbitt defines the nation-state and discusses five challenges that a nation-state faces.

Fall 2003
McDougall, Graham School of Nursing

Professor McDougall addresses how memory abilities can diminish as we age and what strategies help build our memory confidence.

Fall 2003
Richards-Kortum, Rebecca Cockrell School
of Engineering

Professor Richards-Kortum explains the role of technology in addressing the world’s major health problems and leading causes of mortality.

Fall 2003
Starbird, Michael College of Natural Sciences

Professor Starbird demonstrates the timeless and global nature of mathematics with an elegant proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

Fall 2003