Sam Gosling

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College of Liberal Arts


Sam Gosling is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. He is a nationally regarded researcher and innovator in the field of personality and social psychology.

He investigates how personality is expressed in everyday places such as living spaces, offices and virtual environments. He is the author of “The Secret Language of Stuff: Surprising Insights from the New Science of Snooping” (Basic Books, 2008).

Dr. Gosling founded the Animal Personality Institute at the university to develop models that inform research in personality, social and health psychology and that promote animal welfare. He also is interested in tracking historical trends in psychology and developing Internet methods to collect psychological data.


Summer 2007

Novel Approaches to Assessing Social Behavior and Individual Differences, Summer Institute in Social Psychology

Fall 2007

Introduction to Psychology, PSY 301
Fundamentals of Personality Psychology, PSY 385N