Susan Hovorka

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Jackson School of Geosciences


Susan Hovorka is a research scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology.

She is interested in the application of geological techniques to environmental problems, particularly focusing on the issue of permeability in both tight and very transmissive systems.

This interest has led Dr. Hovorka to work on diverse problems, from characterization of salt as a containment material to analysis of carbonate fabrics to better understand flow in karst aquifers.

She is leading a team in a series of field pilots for CO2 injection to rigorously assess the safety and effectiveness of geologic storage (sequestration) as a mechanism for reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. Her particular focus area is development of tools that will measure the movement of CO2 once injected underground to assure that it is trapped for geologically long periods of time.

She is committed to facilitating exchange between the applied scientists and citizens, focusing on middle school students.



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