Rebecca Richards-Kortum

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Cockrell School of Engineering


Rebecca Richards-Kortum is the Robert M. and Prudie Leibrock Endowed Professor in Engineering and a University Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Richards-Kortum is a world-renowned authority on medical applications of imaging technology.

Dr. Richards-Kortum focuses on applications of laser spectroscopy to the diagnosis of disease in human tissue. Her laser probe that detects cancerous cells in the cervix has been commercialized and is undergoing Federal Drug Administration approval. The same technology is undergoing clinical trials for use in cancer detection in the head and neck.

Dr. Richards-Kortum is a recipient of the Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award (2002) and a member of the university’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers.


Fall 2003

Quant Sys Physiol/Pathophysiol, BME 385J Graduate Seminar in Biomedical Engineering, BME 197S

Spring 2004

Biotechnology and World Health, BME 301