Amarante Lucero

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Amarante LUCERO

College of Fine Arts


Amarante Lucero’s research focuses on automated lighting, cyberspace, digital lighting and using the digital world in design and production. As head of the Automated Lighting Program in the Department of Theatre and Dance, he leads the only university automated lighting program/lab in the nation dedicated to the instruction of this new technology and its use in design.

Professor Lucero’s career spans more than 25 years as a designer and theatre consultant. He works extensively in Central and South America with groups such as Costa Rica’s La Compania National de Danza, International Festival de Teatro por La Paz in Costa Rica and Compania National de Danza in Ecuador. He is the director of the Institute for Digital – Performing Arts, hosted in Costa Rica. Nationally, he has designed for the Old Globe Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre and the Lincoln Center in New York City, as well as many other venues.

A Fulbright Scholar, a Grace Hill Milam Fellow and a Ducloux Fellow, Professor Lucero was winner of the Circle Critics Award for Best Lighting Design for the premier production of “The Yellow Boat.”



Light as Substance, Art and Magic:
A Robotic Lighting Extravaganza