Steven A. Moore

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Steven A. MOORE

School of Architecture


Steven Moore is the Barlett Cocke Professor of Architecture and Planning at The University of Texas at Austin where he teaches design and courses related to the philosophy, history and application of environmental technology.

In 1999 Dr. Moore was appointed director of the graduate program in Sustainable Design, and in 2001 he was co-founder of the Center for Sustainable Development.

He has practiced as the design principal of Moore/Weinrich Architects in Maine and has received numerous regional and national awards for design distinction.

Dr. Moore’s books include “Technology and Place: Sustainable Architecture and the Blueprint Farm” (University of Texas Press, 2001), “Sustainable Architectures: Natures and Cultrures in Europe and North America,” co-edited with Simon Guy (Routledge/Spon, 2005), “Alternative Routes to the Sustainable City: Austin, Curitiba and Frankfurt” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007) and “Philosophy of Design: From engineering to architecture,” edited with Pieter E. Vermaas, Peter Kroes and Andrew Light (Berlin: Springer, forthcoming).


Spring 2007

Topics in Sustainable Development (cross-listed in Architecture, Planning, Business, Public Policy and Law), ARC 386M Research Design: Thesis, MDS and Dissertation Preparation, ARC 386M