Thomas Palaima

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College of Liberal Arts


Thomas Palaima is the Raymond F. Dickson Centennial Professor of Classics in the university’s Department of Classics and a MacArthur Fellow for his work in Aegean prehistory and early Greek language and culture.  He is the director of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory.

Professor Palaima’s scholarly interests include human responses (individual and collective) to war and violence in ancient and modern societies, writing systems and their uses, the decipherment of ancient scripts, ancient history and Greek mythology.

Professor Palaima received the Chad Oliver Teaching Award from the Plan II Honors Program in 2005 and the Texas Exes Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004.  He is a regular contributor ofcommentarypieces for print and radio.


Spring 2006

Reconstructing Ancient Greek Religion, LAH 350
Reconstructing Ancient Greek Religion-Honors, CC 348
Composition and Reading In World Literature, TC 603B


Stories of War
They Wrote on Clay and You Can Too