Mary Rose

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College of Liberal Arts


Mary Rose is assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and the School of Law. Her research concerns lay people’s understanding of law/legal practices, justice perceptions, jury behavior and emotions and law.

She has written on a variety of topics including the effects of jury selection practices on jury representativeness, citizen reactions to jury selection questioning, jury damage awards, and public views of fairness in sentencing.

Professor Rose is also an investigator on the landmark study of decision making among 50 deliberating juries from Pima County, Ariz. She serves on the editorial boards of Law & Social Inquiry, Law & Society Review and is a trustee of the Law & Society Association.

In 2005, her research on the peremptory challenge was cited in the U.S. Supreme Court decision Miller-el v. Dretke (Breyer, J., concurring).


Spring 2007

Social Psychology and the Law, SOC 336P Social Science and Law, LAW 379M