Anthony Woodbury

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College of Liberal Arts


Anthony Woodbury is professor of linguistics and anthropology and chair of the Department of Linguistics in the College of Liberal Arts.

His interests include documentary and descriptive linguistics, language endangerment, grammatical analysis and theory, natural discourse and oral literature, Yupik-Inuit-Aleut languages and speech communities, and Chatino linguistics and language preservation.

Professor Woodbury’s current projects are the Chatino Language Documentation Project (with Emiliana Cruz and Hilaria Cruz); the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (with Dr. Joel Sherzer and Dr. Heidi Johnson); and ongoing work on Cup’ik, an indigenous language of Alaska.  This year, he is serving as president of the Society for the Study of Indigenous Language of the Americas.


Fall 2005

Introduction to the Study of Language, LIN 306 Supervised Teaching in Linguistics, LIN 398T