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Statistical Software Macros and Sample Code

NOTE: Internet-based information has not been evaluated or tested by ITS staff. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its worth or accuracy or assume any responsibility for its use by students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas System.

SAS Macros and Sample Code

SAS Online Samples - The SAS Institute has several examples of on-line code taken from their extensive collection of SAS books.

The SAS Institute's List of Macros and Example Code - Several examples of statistical code and macros provided by the technical support at the SAS Institute.

The Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research SAS Program List - A large collection of macros and sample programs organized by SAS module.

Steve Gregorich's Site - This site contains links to Steve's SAS macro and IML programs for missing data and model selection.

Sirnorm - SAS macros for multiple imputations of missing data.

Donald Hedeker's Mixed Models Macros - SAS macros for random intercept regression, ordinal probit or logistic regression as well as some macros for estimating proportional, partial proportional and non-proportional odds models.

John Hendrickx's SAS macros - Includes SAS macros for multinomial and conditional logistic regression, and generating the design matrix for categorical models using SAS/IML.

SPSS Macros and Sample Code

SPSS's Macro List - This is an extensive list of SPSS macros on a wide variety of topics mostly written by David Nichols of the SPSS technical support.

SPSS Script eXchange - The scripting facility in SPSS allows users to create Visual Basic scripts to automate task and increase the capabilities of SPSS. The Script eXchange is a place where users share their best scripts with the world.

Donald Hedeker's Mixed Models Macros - SPSS macros for random intercept regression, ordinal probit regression and logistic regression as well as macros for proportional, partial proportional odds models.

John Hendrickx's SPSS macros - Includes SPSS macros for polytomous logistic regression, multinomial conditional logistic regression, event history analysis, collinearity diagnostics, and other scripts for table outputs.

Lawrence T. DeCarlo's skew, kurtosis, and signal detection macros - Dr. DeCarlo has some useful SPSS macros for determining multivariate skewness, kurtosis, and outlier detection.

Raynald Levesque's SPSS Tools - Includes SPSS macros, scripts, and example syntax, as well as other SPSS FAQS, tips, and links.

Stata Macros and Sample Code

UCLA Office of Academic Computing Stata Programs - Several Stata programs oriented to the academic researcher.

Boston College Department of Economics' Stata Program Archive - This is an extensive archive of programs exchanged on the Stata listserver with brief descriptions of each program.

Stata's Web Links - This page maintained by Stata has links to several individual's Web sites who have downloadable Stata programs. Special topics include multidimensional scaling, rare events logistic regression, and survival analysis.

StatLib's Stata Archive - Several Stata programs are archived here.

The Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research Stata Program List - Numerous Stata samples available here.

John Hendrickx's Stata macros - Includes Stata programs for analyzing categorical data and multinomial conditional logistic regression.

Minitab and Sample Code

Mintab's Macro Catalog - Minitab provides several macros on their Web site under the following categories: general statistics, regression, time series, quality control and designed experiments, education, and data manipulation.

StatLib's Minitab Macro Archive - An archive of well documented macros written by the Minitab User's Group.

S-Plus and Sample Code

StatLib's S Archive - S functions, macros, and drivers archived by StatLib at the statistics department of Carnegie Mellon University.

Oswald - Oswald is Object-oriented Software for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data. It is a suite of S-Plus functions used for analyzing longitudinal data. Some of the analyses offered by Oswald include OLS analysis, kernel smoothing, variogram analysis, GEE and ALR analysis, and mixed-effects models.

Miscellaneous Statistical Macros and Sample Code

Jim Steiger's Home Page - DOS programs for testing for patterns in correlation matrixes and for computing confidence intervals and power for squared multiple correlations.

JAVA statistical applets page - A collection of statistical JAVA applets for data analysis, plus a substantial JAVA program for complete statistical analysis of data.

StatLab Heidelberg Software Collection - Hundreds of applied statistical algorithms, generalized estimating equation macros, and some other useful programs.



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