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Accessibility Scanning and Assessments


ITS provides two services to assist Web publishers, developers, and Web Portfolio Managers in the remediation of Web accessibility issues. The first service is a pair of scanning tools, FireEyes and WorldSpace, which developers can use to review their sites for accessibility compliance. The second service is the provision of website accessibility reviews by an expert, generally after the completion of self-scanning and remediation of identified issues. The university's Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) Coordinator relies on these ITS-provided services to monitor accessibility at the university.

Web accessibility scans and reviews are a critical step in the maintenance or creation of a website at the university. As implemented at the university, the scanning and assessment services analyze Web pages to standards that comply with State and Federal laws, which can be found in the Web Accessibility Policy. ITS also conducts accessibility reviews of other electronic information resources, including desktop software and applications, as requested.

Service Requests


  • Self-scanning with FireEyes, an extension for the Firebug Firefox plugin, made by Deque.
  • Enterprise-scanning with WorldSpace, an enterprise accessibility scanning platform also made by Deque.
  • Assessments and reviews conducted by an ITS Web accessibility expert.


Accessibility scanning and assessments are available at no cost to departments, faculty and staff.

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