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Contract Software and Web Development


To initiate project discussions, please email with general project contact information.

Initial Contact and Project Identification

Initial contact will be made via email to determine preliminary skills sets and project scope. A Client Questionnaire may also be e-mailed to be completed. This information will be used to better understand client needs and to determine the correct participants in an initial meeting. At that point, an initial meeting will be scheduled to discuss the project.

Statement of Work Agreement and Approval

After the initial meeting and discussion, a Bid Estimate identifying the project requirements, deliverables and estimated expenses will be drafted for client review. Upon review and approval of the Bid Estimate, a Statement of Work will be drafted. The Statement of Work is a formalized agreement that defines the roles and responsibilities of both parties involved in the project. The Statement of Work identifies the project's deliverables and cost. To formally begin the project, the Statement of Work should be reviewed, signed and returned with an authorized IDT account number. Once the Statement of Work is agreed to, a schedule will be put in place.

Project Development

Based on the type of project, a communication process for the duration of the project will be defined. Regular checkpoints and feedback sessions will be scheduled. Client involvement to review, test and validate the results are required to insure expectations are met.


Billing is done via IDT and is detailed in the Statement of Work Agreement.


A sign-off document will be completed at the end of the project.

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