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ITS Services Status

RESOLVED:  Multiple emergency text messages
Service Restored

Cooper Notification, the vendor for the RSAN emergency text message system, has set up a test system to exactly mirror UT Austin’s RSAN and they are trying to replicate the issue (note- all of the devices on the test system have been disabled, so no one will receive any of these tests).  They are working to replicate the launch of the alert following the same procedures used Friday morning on the test server until they see the multiple deliveries as well. This testing is being coordinated through David Cronk with Emergency Preparedness who can answer any follow-up questions.  No further action is required from ITS at this time.

Cooper Notification, the vendor for the RSAN emergency text message system, is investigating if there was a glitch within their system when the text message split due to the message length.  If they do not find the source of the problem there, then they will investigate to see if it was a problem with the aggregator.  There will be no other updates until Monday.

We are continuing to investigate this problem.  We have received reports that it affected Sprint customers as well.  We have received no complaints from T-Mobile users.  Yet.

There was a problem with ATT and Verizon customers who received multiple duplicate text messages launched from the emergency text messaging system at about 4am this morning.  Sprint customers were not affected. A trouble ticket has been opened with our distributed antenna system provider and the carriers have been contacted to investigate.

Last updated on Jun 25, 2012 12:32 PM

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