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ITS Services Status

RESOLVED: Emergency Blackboard Maintenance - Database server OS patching

Service Restored

Maintenance on the server which runs Blackboard’s production standby, QA, and DEV databases is complete. There were a few issues with the update which are being investigated, and so maintenance on the production database server is postponed for now and will be rescheduled.

Maintenance is being extended to midnight; patching is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Maintenance beginning.

What: OS Patching of the Blackboard Database servers.

When: Saturday, 12/22 9p - 11p

There will be a two minute service interruption at the beginning of the maintenance while the database fails over to the passive standby, and another as it fails back after patching.

The application servers will stay up during the process, but may become unresponsive during each failover.

Last updated on Dec 23, 2012 12:21 AM