The University of Texas at Austin

ITS Services Status

RESOLVED: Possible Internet Connectivity Issue

Service Restored

After further investigation, the problem appears to have occurred upstream of the UT campus network. We have escalated the issue to our ISP, who is continuing to investigate.

There were two periods of loss of Internet connectivity for campus: 16:05:37-16:05:53 and 16:06:21-16:07:07. Internet connectivity has been stable since 16:07:07.

At this time, Networking is marking this issue as resolved. We will continue to monitor the system and will re-open the incident should it occur again.

At this time, it looks like there may have been a two partial losses of connectivity to the Internet. The first was from approximately 16:05:37 to 16:05:53, and the second was from about 16:06:21 to 16:07:07.

Networking has contacted our ISP and are investigating further. At this time, it looks like Internet connectivity has been stable since 16:07:07.

This is still under investigation.

There may have been a brief/partial disruption to Internet connectivity at approximately 16:07pm today.

Networking is investigating.

Last updated on Jan 17, 2014 6:12 PM