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ITS Services Status

RESOLVED UT Voice Mail: Unable to access mailbox via website
Service Restored

This issue has been resolved.  UTVM web logins are up, and web sessions appear to be functioning normally.  Should any lingering issues come up, please report them directly to

UTVM web service is still unavailable.  The problem has been identified, and ITS staff are working to resolve the issue.

UTVM web service is still unavailable.  The vendor is continuing to investigate, with assistance from ITS staff.

The vendor’s support engineer has been engaged and has been investigating, and will resume in the morning.

UT Voice Services are back up except for web logins.  Investigation is continuing.

The UTVM outage is about to begin, and is expected to be short.

We have been unable to restore access to UTVM accounts via web browser.  Meanwhile, message-taking and telephone logins are working, as are email notifications, including notifications with attachments.  Since these services are still running, ITS will schedule emergency maintenance after hours, requiring a short downtime of all services in order to restart the web service.  Downtime will begin after 17:00 on Mon 17 Feb 2014.

NOTE:  This is regarding UT Voice Mail (UTVM) for phone lines on the new VoIP telephone switch.  SmartVoice customers are not affected.

ITS Voice Services Staff are aware of the problem and are investigating.

The ITS Help Desk has received reports that users of the new VoIP telephone system who try to access their UT Voice Mail (UTVM) mailbox via the web interface at ( may find that they are unable to log in. Users are provided with an error message that an “Account is required” and a “PIN is required” even though that information is entered correctly. The ITS Help Desk has verified this malfunction.  Voicemail messages may still be checked via telephone by dialing #71 or ext. 2-8886.

Last updated on Feb 19, 2014 3:14 PM

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