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ITS Services Status

RESOLVED: VoIP Phone-Intermittent Outages Report
Service Restored

Issue resolved.  Please contact ITS if you continue to experience the shared line issue.

We have identified the issue and are working on specific cases that were reported.  We expect the condition causing the problems to be cleared by normal switch timer expiration overnight. 

Status has not changed.  We are still working on the problem with the vendor and will report when we know more.

We have been investigating reports of shared lines that are not functioning.  This has been escalated to the vendor. 

As of 1:25 PM, the ITS Help Desk has received reports that several VoIP telephone sets in CLA and UTA are either offline (not able to make/receive calls) or are working but displaying the “caution” symbol on the phone’s display. The issues persist after rebooting the telephone set.

All issues with the VoIP phone system have been resolved.  An outage report to Tech Staff forums and IT Updates is expected in approximately two weeks.

All functionality except for some shared line appearance features have been restored and verified.  We expect shared line appearances to be functional by 1:00 PM.

The VoIP new system is returning to service.  We are executing our test plans to verify.  Some advanced business features (UCD, Shared Lines, etc.) may not be functioning properly at this time but we expect them to be up shortly.  We will continue to provide updates.

New VoIP system is still down.  People not on VoIP will experience issues when calling a line that is on VoIP.  We continue to escalate and trouble shoot with the vendor.

The new VoIP System is down (approximately 5,000 phones impacted).  Please see the ITS Alerts page for updates:

Updates will be made to that page as information becomes available.  (expected every 30 minutes)

The VoIP outage is now system wide affecting incoming and outgoing calls and any forwarding treatment.  We are troubleshooting with our vendor.

We have received intermittent outage reports on VoIP phones on campus.  The problem is under investigation and we will report back as soon as we determine the issue.

Last updated on Feb 28, 2014 4:41 PM

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