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ITS Services Status

RESOLVED:  One IronPort appliance offline
Service Restored

The vendor has not yet determined the root cause of the failure, but has recommended a remedial action that seems to have fixed the problem. The appliance is now working properly, and at the vendor’s recommendation it has been returned to service as of 2:15 PM Wednesday. We are now back up to full inbound capacity. ITS will continue to monitor the situation.

We do not yet have a root cause of the failure, and the affected unit remains out of service. However, the backlog has finally drained, so no one should be waiting on delayed mail any longer. We are continuing to work with the vendor to determine the root cause.

We are in contact with a support engineer and have tried his initial suggestion to fix the problem. It was not successful. Work is continuing

A support case has been opened with the vendor, and we are awaiting contact from a support engineer.

The next update will be at 11:00 unless there is something worthy of report before then.

One of our inbound IronPort appliances has a significant backlog of unprocessed mail, over 19,000 messages.  The proximate cause of the stall has been determined.
ITS Systems staff are now gathering information to open a support case with the vendor.

One of our inbound IronPort appliances has a significant backlog of unprocessed mail, over 19,000 messages. The other three inbound units are unaffected. The problematic unit has been taken out of service, both to troubleshoot the problem and to prevent further mail from piling up there. At this point, there is no indication that any mail has been lost, only delayed.

The next report will be at 9:30 unless the situation is resolved before then.

Last updated on Apr 11, 2014 12:33 PM

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