The University of Texas at Austin

ITS Services Status

RESOLVED:  Group Email Service Operating at Degraded State

Service Restored

1:47 PM
Group Email is now operational with full capability.

We have narrowed the scope of group email delivery problem to Office 365 recipients. ITS Systems staff have open a ticket with the vendor to troubleshoot this issue. We will update again as we receive information or resolution from the vendor. ITS Applications staff will continue to monitor the Group Email service closely.

4:28pm Tues 12 Aug
We are putting in place a work around at this time. Users of Group Email Service has been notified of the work around. Group Email Service is still operating at a degraded state.
ITS Applications and ITS Systems staff are still investigating.  Next update will be Wed 13 Aug at 10 am.

The University Group Email service is currently functioning, but at degraded state. Some emails are being sent but not delivered to Office 365 users.
ITS Applications Staff are currently investigating.

Last updated on Aug 20, 2014 1:48 PM