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9:35 PM
RESOLVED: Media recording in Canvas not working currently
Service Restored

Our DevOps team has resolved the issue that was preventing users from recording media comments in Canvas. The media tool is functioning normally again. We appreciate your patience while we investigated and resolved this issue.

Users cannot record new media comments in Canvas currently. The recording tool in the rich content editor attempts to connect for awhile, and then an error message is returned. Our DevOps team is working on the problem; we’ll provide an update in 15 minutes.

We apologize for the inconvenience to your users. Our testing shows that playing back media is working fine, and we’ll work to get the recording function back online ASAP.

5:33 PM
RESOLVED: Expedited non-disruptive maintenance (AEMS/MSOL)
Service Restored

Maintenance is complete.

A minor configuration change to our Office 365 MSOL (Azure AD) instance is being made to pre-empt a potential issue.  No user impact will occur.

5:04 PM
UT Direct PDF Generator”
Under Investigation

ITS Systems Middleware continues to investigate and has obtained assistance from developers in ITS Applications in the effort.

No workaround has been identified yet, though the team has identified promising leads.  We will update the list again on Wednesday at 12 noon.

This is an update to the “UT Direct PDF Generator” alert, posted at:

Attempts to generate PDFs from with UT Direct has been inconsistent; PDF creation success and failure are intermittent, using the same combinations of browser and OS.

Analysis of code and transactional process traces have resulted in identification of sections in the PDF Generator that may be responsible for the undesired behavior.  ITS continues to investigate and debug this issue. 

An update will follow no later than 10:00AM, or earlier as warranted.

Please contact the UTLogin team at if you have any issues, questions or concerns.

Please include:

What is the level of impact lack of PDF generation is causing in daily operations?
Are there any workarounds (like using the application/browser “print to PDF”) that are applicable in any situations?
Are there any “critical” periods happening soon that would change the level of impact in daily operations?

ITS has been notified of problems using the “PDF generator” within UT Direct.

This service is most commonly used to create electronic copies of W-2s and systematically generated letters.

ITS is attempting to reliably reproduce the problem and troubleshoot the issue.

An update will follow no later than 1.30PM, or earlier as warranted.ITS continues to investigate and debug this issue.

2:27 PM
RESOLVED Non-Disruptive UT-V maintenance extended
Service Restored

This maintenance is complete.
Maintenance is extended until 2:00pm. There have been no issues (other than being distracted by unrelated tasks).

8:09 AM
Deprecating selected older, weaker SSL ciphers for Canvas
Under Investigation

We’re deprecating a handful of older, weaker SSL ciphers effective EOD next Wednesday (9/17/14); we believe very few, if any, of you will be impacted by this change.

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12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window

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12:00 AM - Campus WSUS Maintenance

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5:00 PM - UT Direct planned migration

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7:00 AM - SecureDoc service and server maintenance


12:01 AM - Austin Disk Services Planned Maintenance Window

12:01 AM - SharePoint Monthly Maintenance

12:01 AM - SharePoint Maintenance Window


12:00 AM - Campus WSUS Maintenance

9:00 AM - uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) TEST/QUAL/PROD Maintenance

10:00 PM - Monthly Group E-Mail Maintenance


7:00 AM - Planned Apollo Mainenance

6:00 PM - Wiki Service Monthly Maintenance

10:00 PM - Custom Unix Web hosting server maintenance


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7:00 AM - SecureDoc service and server maintenance

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