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6:30 PM
RESOLVED: Some users experiencing Office 365 connectivity issues
Service Restored

Microsoft engineers report that the affected portion of Office 365 infrastructure has been repaired and returned to service.  Ongoing testing will be conducted by ITS Systems staff to ensure the quality of the service.  This issue can be considered resolved at this time.

Microsoft engineers have shifted Office 365 traffic to unaffected servers in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the issue on users.  We continue to recommend that users experiencing this issue use of the Outlook Web App (  ITS Systems staff will continue to monitor this issue and will provide further updates as they occur.  The next update will be posted at 7:00 PM.

Microsoft has determined that a portion of capacity that facilitates connections to Office 365 from desktop mail clients is degraded.  We continue to recommend that affected users make use of the Outlook Web App (  The next update will be posted at 5:00 PM.

Working with ITS Systems staff, Microsoft has determined that this issue is affecting connectivity for a large number of users in the Office 365 environment.  Microsoft engineers are investigating the root cause in pursuit of a resolution.
At this time, ITS recommends that users experiencing difficulties use the Outlook Web App (, which appears to be functioning correctly.  The next update will be posted at 4:00 PM.

ITS Systems Staff have opened a critical severity support case with Microsoft, and the investigation is ongoing.  Next update: 3:00 PM.

The ITS Help Desk has received calls from several users experiencing poor sync performance and/or issues connecting to mailboxes in Office 365.  ITS Systems staff are investigating, and are reaching out to Microsoft for additional support.

2:37 PM
Canvas Status Update: Request timeouts and severe slowness 10-15-14
Under Investigation

Canvas Status Update
Extended processing time on certain Canvas imports and exports

Hi Admins—

Some users are currently seeing extended processing time on certain jobs (e.g. SIS imports, course imports / exports). Our DevOps team is updating some configuration parameters and adding more resources to process jobs like these; we anticipate you’ll see improved performance soon. Thanks for your patience!

Since the release this morning, we’ve seen reports from some Chrome users that they’re unable to view discussion responses, see a list of files in a course’s Files section, edit / view pages, etc. In every case reported to us so far, clearing browser cache once has solved the problem entirely, for all Canvas content. The issue only seems to affect some Chrome users, not all. It does not seem to matter which version of Chrome the user is using.

Please encourage users who contact you with these symptoms (Chrome, can’t see certain content) to try clearing their cache. We’ve updated the greeting message on our phone lines to suggest this tip to callers, too.

We’ve reported this problem to our engineering team. Ideally, they’ll be able to push a global fix—but we haven’t identified a root cause yet, and this might prove to be an issue that can’t be addressed for all users from here. If we learn of cases where clearing cache does *not* solve this problem, we’ll provide an update right away.

Canvas response times have returned to normal levels and all should be functional again for your users. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.  Please contact us if you are continuing to experience any issues.

We just became aware of an issue that is affecting many Canvas users, causing timeouts and lack of response to requests. We’re investigating the problem and will provide more information in the next 15 minutes.

1:30 PM
RESOLVED: UT Forge SVN downtime
Service Restored

While UT Forge SVN service is fully functional right now, this message serves to notify campus of a period of downtime our SVN service experienced earlier today in case anyone noticed a problem.

A very unusual problem with file handling blocked access to SVN repositories at 11:41 AM.
The issue was resolved at 12:05 PM.

If you have any trouble connecting to SVN now, please notify stewards as per normal at

11:27 AM
RESOLVED: UT Lists message delivery interruption
Service Restored

UT Lists mail delivery is restored and all outstanding mail is delivered.

ITS Systems staff have identified the root cause and will identify methods to avoid this issue in the future.

UT Lists mail service is experiencing delays in mail delivery. ITS systems staff are working on the problem.

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