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Current Service Interruptions

6:56 PM
RESOLVED: Secure Cookie Error
Service Restored

UT Direct logons are now working successfully.

Systems staff will continue to monitor and research the root cause of this temporary disruption.

Administrative Systems staff are investigating.

At around 5:30pm we received several calls and emails regarding an error message when trying to access UT direct and related applications. The exact error message is “Secure Cookie Error” and prevents the user from logging in. We’ve had reports from various students, staff, and faculty members about this issue.

5:02 PM
RESOLVED: Inbound email backlog
Service Restored

The inbound mail backlog has cleared on both servers. All pending mail has been delivered and all four inbound servers are operating normally.

Two of our four inbound email security appliances are backlogged again. ITS Systems staff are working to remediate the backlog. No mail is being lost, only delayed.

12:56 PM
RESOLVED:  Office 365 customers unable to access Exchange services from off-campus
Service Restored

As of 11:00, ISP issues affected some customers access to O365 Outlook.

As of 11:54, Microsoft Engineers rerouted traffic to restore service and continue to validate service health.

As of 12:00, Emails have been confirmed to be transmitting between external providers and O365 Outlook.

O365 Outlook service is believed to have been restored for UT Austin at this time. 

Email delivery to O365 Outlook may have been delayed, but is now processing.

As of 11:54 via MS

Current Status: Microsoft engineers have rerouted traffic to restore service and are validating service health at this time.

Customer Impact: Affected customers may be unable to access the Exchange Online service.

Next Update: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM UTC

Microsoft posted a service alert at 11:00 AM CDT:

Engineers have identified a potential Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue affecting some customers ability to access the Exchange Online service. Affected customers may be unable to access the Exchange Online service.

Next update is scheduled for 12:00 PM CDT.

The help desk is now receiving numerous calls from users off-campus unable to access Exchange Online. Some users appear to be able to access their mailbox through Outlook Web App but not through clients, while others report the opposite.

10:55 AM
RESOLVED: BACS Badge Updates Stalled!
Service Restored

Badge updates have resumed processing and backlog is being reduced.

We are currently experiencing a backup in the processing of badge updates from the IDCenter Badge Feed.  ITS/BACS staff are investigating.

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