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Current Service Interruptions

4:29 PM
Extended processing time on certain Canvas imports and exports
Under Investigation

Some users are currently seeing extended processing time on certain jobs (e.g. SIS imports, course imports / exports). Our DevOps team is updating some configuration parameters and adding more resources to process jobs like these; we anticipate you’ll see improved performance soon. Thanks for your patience!

3:54 PM
RESOLVED: Emergency Maintenance for UTBackup Service
Service Restored

Maintenance is complete and normal operations have been restored.

Some UTBackup customers may experience an interruption in service as SSL certificates are updated on some of the appliances. Backups will automatically resume when the appliances restart but any restorations will have to be manually restarted.

3:33 PM
RESOLVED: Resnet and DHFS Network Down
Service Restored

Service to Resnet and DHFS networks has been restored.

Resnet and the DHFS networks are down. This affects all wired and wireless access in all residence halls. Networking staff are on-site and
working to restore services.
In addition, DHFS servers that are in their server room in the residence halls are also unavailable. This includes Bevo Bucks and services that
may use it (e.g. UT Print).

Resnet and the DHFS network are down. Networking staff are investigating. This affects all wired and wireless access in all residence halls.

10:57 AM
RESOLVED:Multi Factor Authentication (Toopher) intermittent outages
Service Restored

The time window for these issues relate directly to the UT Direct maintenance event and code rollback that caused intermittent outages for UT Direct.

The ITS monitoring system has indicated that the Multi-factor Authentication service Toopher is experiencing intermittent outages this morning.  ITS Applications staff is monitoring the service and is contacting the vendor for more information.

10:57 AM
RESOLVED: UTLogin monitoring reporting errors
Service Restored

The errors that we observed occurred in a time window that relate directly to the UT Direct maintenance and code rollback event that caused intermittent outages for UT Direct this morning.
We believe that no customers, other than those on UT Direct, experienced any interruption in service from UTLogin.

UTLogin monitoring endpoints are reporting intermittent errors. ITS Applications staff is investigating.

10:40 AM
Issues with Task Manager and Natural on the Web?
Under Investigation

The changes made during this maintenance event for UT Direct have been rolled back as of 10:20AM.

There were intermittent disruptions to some components within UT Direct from 10:00 to this point.

6:30 PM
RESOLVED: Some users experiencing Office 365 connectivity issues
Service Restored

Microsoft engineers report that the affected portion of Office 365 infrastructure has been repaired and returned to service.  Ongoing testing will be conducted by ITS Systems staff to ensure the quality of the service.  This issue can be considered resolved at this time.

Microsoft engineers have shifted Office 365 traffic to unaffected servers in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the issue on users.  We continue to recommend that users experiencing this issue use of the Outlook Web App (  ITS Systems staff will continue to monitor this issue and will provide further updates as they occur.  The next update will be posted at 7:00 PM.

Microsoft has determined that a portion of capacity that facilitates connections to Office 365 from desktop mail clients is degraded.  We continue to recommend that affected users make use of the Outlook Web App (  The next update will be posted at 5:00 PM.

Working with ITS Systems staff, Microsoft has determined that this issue is affecting connectivity for a large number of users in the Office 365 environment.  Microsoft engineers are investigating the root cause in pursuit of a resolution.
At this time, ITS recommends that users experiencing difficulties use the Outlook Web App (, which appears to be functioning correctly.  The next update will be posted at 4:00 PM.

ITS Systems Staff have opened a critical severity support case with Microsoft, and the investigation is ongoing.  Next update: 3:00 PM.

The ITS Help Desk has received calls from several users experiencing poor sync performance and/or issues connecting to mailboxes in Office 365.  ITS Systems staff are investigating, and are reaching out to Microsoft for additional support.

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