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Current Service Interruptions

12:42 PM
On-Going UT-V Storage Issue
Under Investigation

UT-V is experiencing ongoing issues with the DDN storage arrays.  VMware and DDN support groups are engaged.  This alert will remain open for the duration of this ongoing issue. 
Next Update EOD July 25, 2014.

12:39 PM
RESOLVED:systems staff investigating a potential storage issue with one of the UT-V hosts
Service Restored

This issue is closed.

The 2 hosts have been rebooted and are now responsive in the UT-V management interface.  All affected VMs are functional.
This alert will remain open as vendor support continues to investigate this ongoing issue.

The first host has been rebooted and its VMs powered back up. The second host will be rebooted at 11:30.

The second physical host will be shut down at 11:30am. An announcement has been sent to VM customer technical contacts. Customers with affected VMs are being contacted directly.

Two physical hosts are now unmanageable. Some VMs on these hosts are fully responsive and others are not. We are going to shut down one host at 11:00am. The other host, we are actively working on diagnosing the issue with vendors. The second host will likely eventually have to be restarted as well. We will announce the shutdown time of the second as soon as possible.
We are reaching out to customers with VMs on the first host now to ask them to shut down their VMs gracefully, if possible, and have sent an announcement to all UT-V customer technical contacts.

UT-V Staff continue to work with VMware critical support on this issue.  Affected VM owners are being contacted as the team prepares to force reboot one UT-V host.

A host in the UT-V environment appears to be having storage issues with a particular array. ITS Systems staff are investigating.

10:22 AM
RESOLVED:Wikis are slow or unresponsive
Service Restored

Wikis is back online. ITS staff will continue to monitor the service and investigate the root cause of the outage.

ITS staff are investigating.

3:58 PM
RESOLVED: Wikis Down
Service Restored

3:55 pm
Wikis is back online and Admins are continuing to monitor the service’s status.

3:22 pm
Wikis is experiencing another outage. Wiki Admins are investigating.

2:37 pm
The process that brought down Wikis has been identified and dealt with. The service is now responding normally.

2:28 pm
University Wiki Service is down.  We are working on a solution to get it back online as soon as possible.


1:29 PM
RESOLVED:  Non CAT-I MySQL problem
Service Restored

The affected non cat-1 MySQL service has been restored.  The ITS alerts page was transferred to the emergency page due to the MySQL issues. It was delayed in its return to service due to issues with Expression Engine that ITS Apps has resolved & came back up around 1:00 PM. 

12:50 PM
UT Lists back in service.

12:34 PM Resolved
Non-cat1 mysql service has been restored.
Systems staff continue to monitor but we believe the issue is resolved.

12:32 PM
Currently there are issues with the virtual server environment (UT-V) and MySQL. ITS Systems staff are investigating both but at this time they appear to be unrelated.

12:27 PM
The UT Lists mailing list service is currently unavailable due to the already reported non Cat 1 MySQL database access issues.

12:25 PM
Non CAT-I MySQL is currently having issues with accepting user connections.  ITS staff is currently investigating.

12:23 PM
We have been receiving calls about multiple University websites being down including the ITS Public Pages, the registrar’s website, and bealonghorn. We are investigating a possible large-scale disruption of database services. Here is the error message we the websites are showing:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in/export/httpd/data/its/events/includes/mysql_connect_calendar.phpon line 19
We’re sorry—an error occurred and a connection to the database could not be established.

12:22 PM
Several sites across campus are similarly affected. The common thread appears to be MySQL.

12:21 PM
There is an issue with non-Cat1 MySQL. It has taken down the entire ITS website:

and other sites.

Currently there are issues with the virtual server environment.  ITS Systems is investigating.

Past Service Interruptions

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