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Project: Centralized Authentication System Assessment

Centralized Authentication System Assessment

5/27/2011 - The project charter for implementing the recommendations has been reviewed by the project sponsors and approved. This moves the project from the assessment phase to the implementation phase. The implementation phase of the project will be called Centralized Authentication System Implementation (CASI).

Many web applications at the university participate in a consistent sign-on environment which allows a user to authenticate with his or her UT EID and password and access a variety of UT systems.  This current centralized system, however, has some challenges in keeping up with current demands for authentication, including higher expectations for uptime, extended session management, increasing security and logging requirements, and extensibility options such as second factor and third party authentication.  The Centralized Authentication System Assessment (CASA) project will review our campus authentication needs and recommend a strategy for meeting those needs.  


In order to recommend a strategy and possible solutions for the future of centralized authentication at UT, the project goals are as follows:

  • Convene a customer steering committee to serve in an advisory capacity for campus authentication efforts
  • Review the current authentication system for campus
  • Review and validate high level business needs and system requirements for a future solution
  • Perform peer benchmarking
  • Create a high-level comparison matrix of authentication products
  • Identify 1 or 2 options to explore in greater detail
  • Conduct a more detailed evaluation of at least one solution
  • Recommend an approach for centralized authentication moving forward


The project includes the following tasks and deliverables:

  • Documentation of the business needs for centralized authentication
  • Development of a requirements specification
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Comparison of authentication products
  • Detailed evaluation of finalist authentication product(s)
  • Recommendation for next steps in the authentication area

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