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Project: Centralized Authentication System Implementation

CASI Project

9/10/2014 - On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 the university will complete its last step in the transition of many university web applications to UTLogin: the UT Direct production environment will be transitioned to use UTLogin. The CASI Project will begin close out activities in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the team has been working on support tickets, the testing of the latest WPA version, and the upcoming UTLogin release. The UTLogin 2015.1.0 release will be deployed into Production on November 23, 2014. This release will be the upgrade of UTLogin to the latest software version.

Many systems at the university participate in a consistent sign-on environment which allows a user to authenticate with his/her UT EID and password in order to access a variety of UT applications. The current centralized authentication system, however, has some challenges in keeping up with customer demands, including higher expectations for uptime, extended session management, increasing security and logging requirements, and demand for extensible options such as second factor and third party authentication. Following the recommendations of the Centralized Authentication System Assessment (CASA) effort, the Centralized Authentication System Implementation (CASI) project will develop and release a new EID-based authentication system to meet current and future university needs.

Project Goals

The CASI project has three primary goals:

  • Creation of the new authentication system and transition of at least two early adopter client services to use the new system.
  • Transition of Fat Cookie services and replacement of mod_auth_eid.
  • Transition of UT Direct services and retirement of the existing Central Web Authentication (CWA) system and Fat Cookie.


The project includes the following major deliverables:


  • Implementation of the new authentication system
  • Creation of customer support package, including service policies, installer, and technical documentation, for early adopter client platforms


  • Transition of at least two early adopter client services
  • Creation and dissemination of transition plans for Fat Cookie and mod_auth_eid client services
  • Transition of all Fat Cookie services and of all mod_auth_eid-authenticated services to the new authentication system, with full client support
  • Creation and dissemination of transition plans for UT Direct client services
  • Implementation of a webtoken replacement
  • Transition of all UT Direct client services to the new authentication system, with full client support
  • Retirement of the Central Web Authentication system, including the Fat Cookie

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