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Project: Course and Learning Management Evaluation


The Course and Learning Management Evaluation project is informed by the Course and Learning Management Evaluation Customer Steering Committee, which reports regularly to the Research and Education governance committee.

Customer Steering Committee Charter

The Course and Learning Management Evaluation Steering Committee provides an advisory role for the Course and Learning Management Evaluation project. The experience that committee members have is invaluable to this project and is vital to making the best storage decision for campus. The committee will meet monthly or bi-monthly through Fall 2011. At that time, they will produce a report of findings and recommendations for the future of learning management systems on campus to the Research and Education committee.


Customer Steering Committee Members

Name Role
Alison Ahlgren Program Director for College Readiness, College of Natural Sciences
Rachel Barrera Graduate Student, College of Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Technology
Pei Chen Director, Information Technology Services
Pat Davis Senior Associate Dean and Professor, College of Pharmacy
Andrew Dell’Antonio Professor, School of Music, College of Fine Arts
Josh Fjelstul Undergraduate Student, School of Business
Chad Fulton Program Coordinator, Learning Technology Center, College of Education
Betsy Greenberg Associate Professor, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, School of Business
Mike Harvey Assistant Dean of Information Technology, School of Law
Sara Hawkins Graduate Student, School of Information
Mike Scott Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, College of Natural Sciences
Jane Shaughness Training Coordinator, University Compliance Services
Michael Sweet Director of Instructional Development, Center for Teaching and Learning
Angela Svoboda Director, Office of Admissions
Joe Tenbarge Assistant Dean, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, College of Liberal Arts
Yuezhi Zhan Undergraduate Student, School of Business/College of Natural Sciences

Key Customer Contacts

Name Role
Brad Englert, ITS
Harrison Keller, CTL
Executive sponsors
David Moss, ITS Project manager
Clifton Brown, ITS
Mario Guerra, CTL
Karron Lewis, CTL
Sejal Shah, CTS
Matt Wedgwood, ITS
Technical team
Jennifer Jobst, ITS Research and communications

Steering committe meetings

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