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Custom Web Publishing


Custom Web publishing is recommended for official university departments and research units that want to publish Web sites and require Web hosting and a custom URL within the, or domains. The service can also be used for hosting content for custom domains (domain names must be registered).

Some examples of domain names are:


For custom frameworks and other languages such as such as Ruby, Python, and .NET, please refer to the Virtual Server service.

Use of a CMS is allowed, but is unsupported by ITS. Use of a CMS requires an SSL certificate. If you are planning to use a CMS, please consult the Web Central team.


  • 24-hour operator coverage with daily backups
  • Access to Helix Streaming Media Server
  • Urchin Web Analytics available upon request
  • Supports connections to a MySQL or SQL Server database
  • Supports SSL-based authentication (requires an SSL Certificate)
  • Consolidating your server needs by using ITS hosting saves significant power - approximately 6570 kWh per year per server
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Costs vary according to technology selected. Basic requirements may include:

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