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Accessibility Scanning and Assessments

How WorldSpace Scores Pages and Projects

WorldSpace calculates a Score for each Project based on the number of pages with issues and the priority of issues of those pages.

Page Scores

A page score is based on the highest priority issue found on the page; it is not affected by the number of issues on the page. In priority order, the issue levels are Critical, Serious and Fair. If a page has one Critical issue and two fair issues, the page's Score is Critical. If a page has five Fair issues, its score is Fair.

View the Glossary for an explanation of the Issue categories.

Project Score

The Project Score is an average of the Scores for each page in the Project using the following key and values for each page:

  • P3 = Critical pages = 0
  • P2 = Serious pages = 2/5
  • P1 = Fair pages = 4/5
  • P0 = Good pages (Minor or no issues) = 1

The formula for calculating a Project's Score:

  • ( (1) * P0 + (4/5) * P1 + (2/5) * P2) / ( P0 + P1+ P2 + P3 )
  • Critical pages "P3" receive a score of 0

Example Project Scoring

The site in our Project has 10 pages.

WorldSpace finds...

  • Four Critical pages (1 or more Critical issues)
  • One Serious page (0 Critical issues and 1 or more Serious issues)
  • Three Fair pages (0 Critical, 0 Serious issues and 1 or more Fair issues)
  • Two Good pages (Minor or no issues)

Multiply the number of pages in each category by their value.

  • Four Critical Pages: 4*0 = 0
  • One Serious Page: 1*2/5 = .4
  • Three Fair Pages: 3*4/5 = 2.4
  • Two Good Pages: 2*1 = 2

Divide the weighted scores by the total number of pages in the Project to the get the Project Score.

  • (0 + 0.4 + 2.4 + 2) / 10 = .48 = 48%

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