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Accessibility Scanning and Assessments

Scanning Standard used in WorldSpace Sync and FireEyes

In compliance with state and federal law, WorldSpace Sync is configured to use the Section 508 standards below.

Additionally, we have created custom rules to help Web Publishers and Developers comply with university Web Publishing Guidelines; also listed below.

  • Paragraph A - Equivalent alternatives for non-text elements
    • Check IMG elements for valid "alt" attribute
      • Ensure that active images have an alt
      • Ensure that information images have an alt (> in pixels): 1000
      • Ensure that formatting images have an alt (<= in pixels): 1000
      • Invalid alts for an image used under a list tag: star;diamond;arrow;square;arrow;club;circle;eclipse
      • Placeholder text strings which are to be considered as invalid if used as a value for the alt attribute: image;images;spacer
    • Verify that text equivalents are provided for PRE and XMP(ASCIIArt)
    • Check INPUT elements of type="image" for valid "alt" atribute
    • Place holder text strings which need to be determined as invalid if used as alt: image;images;spacer
    • Identify images with title but no alt
    • Check AREA elements for valid "alt" attribute
    • Check APPLET elements for valid HTML equivalent
    • Verify that multimedia have audio descriptions
    • Verify that valid IMG element descriptions are provided
    • Check SCRIPT elements for valid equivalents where necessary
      • Report problem once per: 1
  • Paragraph B - synchronized and equivalent alternatives for multimedia
    • Check SMIL files for synchronized media
    • Verify that multimedia have synchronized equivalents
  • Paragraph C - Information conveyed with color alone
  • Paragraph E - Redundant text links for server side image maps
  • Paragraph F - Convert server side image maps to client side image maps
  • Paragraph G - Row and column headers for data tables
  • Paragraph H - Associate data and header cells for multi-dimensional data tables
  • Paragraph I - Title frames/iframes to facilitate frame identification and navigation
  • Paragraph L - Functional test for Scripting
  • Paragraph M - Plug-in/Applet Required
    • Intermediary URL(s) (Top level) Note: must be present on every page such as in a footer or header
  • Paragraph N - Electronic Forms
    • Paragraph N - Detect change in page context with no indication
      • Keywords that indicate change in page context: opens new;opens in new;move away;go to
    • Paragraph N - Identify forms without FIELDSET-LEGEND
    • Paragraph N - Check for "tabindex" attribute
    • Paragraph N - Check LABEL elements for valid "for" attribute values
    • Paragraph N - Check for grouping of SELECT fields
  • Paragraph O - Repetitive Navigation Links (DIR Specific Custom Rule)
    • A method shall be provided that permits users to skip repetitive navigation
  • Paragraph P - Timed Response
  • PDF
  • UT Austin Custom Rules
    • Home Page Link Check
    • Duplicate link text with different URLs
    • Web Privacy Policy Link Check
    • wwwtest Link Check
    • Web Accessibility Policy Link Check
    • Inappropriate content

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