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Accessibility Scanning and Assessments

False Positives

This help document assumes that you are familiar with the process of fixing accessibility issues using FireEyes.

On occasion, WorldSpace may incorrectly identify Issues on pages you maintain; this is considered a 'false positive.' If you believe your report contains false positives, please contact the Web Technologies Team for verification.

What to do with false positives

After consulting with the Web Technologies Team, false positives should have their issue status set to 'Ignored.' This can be either in FireEyesLink to external site or in WorldSpace.

If making changes in FireEyes, remember to upload issues to WorldSpace.Link to external site

What ignoring an issue does

When the monthly scan is run, issues set to 'Ignored' will remain 'Ignored' and will not count against the score for the site.

If you just delete an issue instead of marking it as ignored, then it will be recreated upon the next monthly scan.

Last updated October 30, 2014 @ 9:28 am

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