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Example Login Hook Scripts for Mac OS X

These scripts are examples. Full scripts should include error checking and comments.

Example 1

This is the simplest login hook. It returns TRUE, which means all users can log in.


        echo "ok"

        exit 0

Example 2

This script restricts login to only one user with the EID "joe."

        if test $1 = "joe" ; then

                echo "ok"

                exit 0


        echo "not ok"

        exit 1

Example 3

This script allows members of the local admin group to login by using the dscl command to check group permissions.

        inGroup=`dscl . -search /Groups GroupMembership $1 | grep admin`

        if test ! "$inGroup" ; then

                echo "not ok"

                exit 1

Example 4

This final example maps arbitrary Active Directory groups to the local administrative group, allowing the resulting set of users to administer the computer.


        inGroup=`dscl . -search /Groups GroupMembership $1 | grep $theGroup`

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